Top 10 Trending Food Trucks In Malaysia

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Today, a new generation of street food lovers is lining up at food trucks like never before. On top of conventional brick-and-mortar restaurants or street stalls which already made Malaysia a food heaven, Malaysians now have another lip-smacking choice! Just like restaurants, they produce high quality and delicious food but with their on-the-wheel advantage, it also means that these mouthwatering food trucks can be at any time near you! Or even in the compound of your house if you want them to! But one thing for sure, the aroma of food truck cuisine will soon waft through downtown streets of Malaysia, especially in the Klang Valley. Let’s check out the Top 10 Trending Food Trucks that you should flock to!

1) La Famiglia Food Truck


La Famiglia, is an Italian mafia themed food truck who is a pasta specialist. The founders of La Famiglia come from vastly different backgrounds such as banking, construction and animation.

Often spotted at Dungun in the day time and Subang (SS15) at night, La Famiglia has gained traction and reputation in recent years, making them the cream of the crop. This success is largely built from their passion and dedication of serving perfect pastas. Their inexpensive prices make a difference too. | Facebook: thefamiglia | Instagram: @lafamiglia187

2) Flaming Wheels


The Flaming Wheels is a purpose-built kitchen on wheels offering healthy quality local and international cuisines at affordable prices. From the sexy outlook of the truck to the best quality of food, Flaming Wheels is a one-of-a-kind. Focusing on participating universities in Klang Valley, Flaming Wheels is not just about an on-the-go food experience, but their thoughts towards a noble cause wins the hearts of many. Did you know that Flaming Wheels was established with an ambition to provide support and raise funds for Make-A-Wish® Malaysia? Remember to order the chilli beef nachos and Moroccan lamb stew from Flaming Wheels the next time they park around your vicinity. | Facebook: flamingwheelskl | Instagram: @flamingwheels

3) Burger Giler Power


Burger Giler Power is an on-the-go burger truck that you will often see at Taman Melawati, in front of Espresso Lab from 5 to 10pm. Barely into its first year of business, Burger Giler Power has quickly gained their fan base especially those around Taman Melawati with their signature mouth-watering gourmet burgers. Imagine charcoal buns, homemade patties, and fresh ingredients combined with juicy sauces—that is their signature gourmet burgers. Just to name a few, do try out their Classic Cheese Burger, Cajun Chicken Burger and The Chief Burger. On the side, crispy mushroom and chicken broccoli salad are worth trying too!

Facebook: burgergilerpower | Instagram: @burgergilerpower

4) The Laughing Monkey Cafe


The Laughing Monkey Café was founded when two colleagues, Kelvin and Justine were caught in the rain while they were walking from their office just to get coffee. The Laughing Monkey Café is a truck which is dedicated to providing you with affordable, rich, freshly brewed coffee and delicious sandwiches at your doorstep. And trust us, it is easy to spot the orange coloured cute little truck of The Laughing Monkey. You would be wrong to think that coffee served from a truck will not be any good. The Laughing Monkey’s coffee (and hot chocolate) would top the coffees of many brick-and-mortar cafés out there.

Facebook: TheLaughingMonkey | Instagram: @laughingmonkeycafe

5) Curbside Cantina


Serving tacos and other Mexican treats, Curbside Cantina is a Mexican influenced food truck that you’ll find quite interesting. While this colourful truck does not really have a fixed spot, their creative menu of good food is their best selling point. Chilli Con Carne with Papadums, Cemita Burger, Chicken Quesa Tacos, Steak Tacos, Beef Cubano Sandwich and Churros are not common words that you’ll find on other trucks. Curbside Cantina is an extension of a catering company called Cantina Moderna, so you can be rest assured of their food quality.

Instagram: @curbsidecantinakl

6) Cowboys Food Truck


Launched on 7 Dec 2014, Cowboys Food Truck is one of the newcomers with their Texas-inspired western barbeque dishes.  Founded by 2 “cowboys”, Ku Azharul Nizar bin Ku Abdul Rahman and Christopher Tang, and a “cowgirl”, Chong Rhu Jan, they are all pretty much in love with barbequed food. Cowboys Food Truck’s menu illustrates the influence of Nizar’s years in Dallas, Texas. Combined with Christopher’s F&B experience in Australia as well as Ru Jan’s assistance in marketing and promotion, the idea of Cowboys Food Truck was conceived to serve the most authentic American-styled barbeque food around the neighbourhood.

Facebook: cowboysfoodtruck | Instagram: @cowboysfoodtruck

7) Little Fat Duck


Despite their name, don’t let that confuse you as they don’t actually serve any duck meat. They offer affordably priced yet hearty French and Italian Cuisine for on-the-go diners and urban hipsters. Surfacing on most nights at Subang SS15, you’ll see a crowd building up from 8pm onwards. Nevertheless, they will provide a makeshift dining space by the street for their customers because the waiting time can go beyond 15 minutes at peak hours. Well known dishes are the aglio olio, tender chicken confit and grilled fish, as well as their delicious homemade milk pudding. | Facebook: littlefatduckmalaysia | Instagram: @littlefatduckmalaysia

8) The Boys Food


The boys are taking over the kitchen to bring you pastas, sandwiches, burgers, and hotdogs hot off their mobile kitchen. They will impress you with their crispy chicken burger, sloppy fries, and the most awesome double cheese burger, Jimmynator! Believe it or not, their meals are being sold at RM5.00 on average. Unbelievably cheap! They are usually found camping out in Dataran Wangsa, so hop on over for a late night gourmet snack by the street and we ensure you will not regret staying up late or taking in those extra calories over these yummy food.

Facebook: The Boys Food | Instagram: @theboysfood

9) QGastro Truck


Serving one of the best pastas and tortilla on wheels, QGastro Truck will make sure you taste fresh, delicious and reasonably priced Western food in town. The shiny black truck is always located behind BHP Taman Melawati (open car park) from 8pm onwards daily except Mondays.  Remember to try out some of their creative dishes such as sambal prawn pasta, aglio olio special, and chicken/beef wrap.

Instagram: @qgastrotruck

10) Babarittos Food Truck


Babarittos Food Truck was founded by a young entrepreneur, Hafiey Mughnie Amran, who has loved street food since his time in college. With the idea of being simple, fast and affordable, Hafiey set up his business right after he completed his studies in the field of aircraft engineering.

Based mainly outside the PV16 Condominium in Danau Kota, Setapak, Barbarittos are known for their burrito wraps and nachos among their selection of mixed Western dishes. Their gourmet burgers and juicy burritos are all hot off the stove. Other than operating daily in Setapak, they also offer catering services at other locations on weekends.

Facebook: Babarittos | Instagram: @babarittosmy

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