These Brands Offer 6 Helpful Items You Need To Be Healthier This Year

Has your health taken a toll lately? Sometimes, all it takes is just small steps to achieve a healthier lifestyle. With the whole pandemic going on, it’s now more important than ever to begin taking better care of yourself. Whether it is through the food you consume on a daily basis or daily supplements, here are some ideas on how to improve your health:

1) Neko Neko Sweet House

Neko Neko Sweet house offers a wide variety of homemade french style nougats. Since all of their treats are handmade, they are all free from preservatives, coloring and additives. Most nougats will be packed with processed sugar, but they only use premium and natural ingredients, a much healthier version of the usual nougat. Though nougats are known to be sweet treats, Neko Neko Sweet house offers a less sweet version, making it a healthier alternative to normal sugary snacks. 

Strawberry Nougat

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2) Teapluz

If you’re a fan of teas, Teapluz offers artisanal handcrafted tea products made with 100% natural whole-leaf teas sourced from tea farms. All kinds of tea, in general, tend to offer various health benefits such as lowering the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and aids in weight loss. In short, tea doesn’t really have any negative side effects on one’s mind or body. 

Although they have a wide variety of teas such as flora tea and green tea, their herbal tea which is The Emperor of Rose Corolla is currently on 9% OFF. It is made with fresh rose buds known for its various health benefits including stomach-warming, mood calming effect as well as rich in Vitamin C.

The Emperor of Rose Corolla

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Image credit: Teapluz’s Facebook Page

3) Favful

A one-stop e-Commerce center for all things beauty, Favful helps those who are in need of quality products for personal grooming. From skincare, makeup to body and wellness, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you.

One of the products that are great for your health would be an air humidifier. The health benefits of having one in your home include lowering the chances of you getting flu or sinus and prevention dry mouth or sore throat in the morning. An air humidifier helps to improve the air condition in your home by adding moisture. The air in our surroundings tends to get really dry, causing skin irritation as well.

Try placing one of these air humidifiers and leave it on while you sleep for several nights and notice the difference in your overall health!

Mini Air Humidifier with Aromatherapy Oil Set

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4) Nano Healthcare

Nano Healthcare offers supplements to Malaysians which are all made in the USA but formulated in Singapore. These supplements are free from any artificial ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives, ensuring you are only putting 100% natural, healthy ingredients into your body. Their products are specially for the categories under heart & joint, sensory & reproductive, weight management, gut & stomach, and overall general health issues.

Their bestsellers would be their supplements made for overall health and weight loss. They are the Nano SG Pure Biotin, Nano SG Lean Body Formula, and Nano SG Raspberry Ketone – Max Weight Loss. All of these supplements are made with 100% natural ingredients such as green tea, ketone, apple cider, to name a few.

Nano SG Pure Biotin

Nano Sg Pure Biotin Capsules at Best Price in Singapore, Singapore | Nano Singapore
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Nano SG Lean Body Formula

Nano Singapore Lean Body Formula reviews
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Nano SG Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone Extreme (60 Capsules) Enhanced African Mango, Green Tea, Apple Cider - Natural Weight Loss Support - Max Strength: Health & Personal Care
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