Are You A HCP? Join Doc2Us’ COVID-19 Task Force To Help Out!

The Covid-19 situation is getting more and more out of hand day by day, and medical personnel could sure use some help. If you are a doctor or a healthcare professional (HCP), you too, can help contribute toward managing the Covid-19 situation that is a pandemic now. Doc2Us, Malaysia’s leading telemedicine service Doc2Us is calling doctors and healthcare professionals (HCPs) available to join the Doc2Us COVID-19 Task Force. A voluntary telemedicine service, the task force helps the public gain adequate information about Covid-19, and reduces patient-medical healthcare specialist contact.

Combating Covid-19

Manned by volunteering doctors and healthcare providers, the Task Force is an effort aimed to reduce the burden of the public healthcare system within the Ministry of Health in combating this infectious spread. The service would allow the general public to seek medical enquiries or ask general questions related to Covid-19 for free.

Dr Raymond Choy, Chief Executive Officer of Doc2Us said, “There are currently many messages going around chat platforms and groups about alleged tips and old wives’ tales to prevent or cure a Covid-19 infection which are untrue. Yet many people believe these messages are harmful to public health as they are not sanctioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia.”

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Task Force Tips

The Task Force will only provide general enquiry about the spread of Covid-19, the symptoms, as well as proper hygiene, quarantine or social distancing steps that we must take at this time. The volunteer medical health specialist will always advise users that claim or show symptoms similar to a Covid-19 infection to a public healthcare channel, in which MOH will take appropriate measures to screen them. As of 19th March 2020, the total number of those tested positive for Covid-19 has escalated to 900 cases and Malaysia is now resorting to taking stricter measures to contain the virus.

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Volunteer & Help!

“We from Doc2Us would like to help ease public concern and offer easy access to information from verified experts and specialists at the safety of their own home. This is an opportunity for doctors and HCPs to volunteer their time and expertise without putting them at risk. We believe that the time and expertise of our volunteers from the Task Force will help contribute positively in the midst of this public health crisis. We also want to take the opportunity to urge people who exhibit symptoms resembling a Covid-19 infection to reach out to MOH for screening and the next necessary steps,” added Choy.

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Sign Up Now!

1. Go to and sign up. This portal allows Doc2Us to verify genuine doctors and other healthcare providers. Indicate ‘covid-19 volunteer’ at the ‘About Us’ section.
2. Go to the Doc2Us® app to offer general advice to any incoming enquiry about Covid-19, whenever and wherever you are. Download Doc2Us® app here:
3. Just go online when you are free to help! As this is an online consultation, you can offer your help even you are not in Malaysia.

We thank all current and future volunteers for your service towards the community, and that you are the unsung heroes. Even if you’re not on ground, it still means a great deal that you volunteer to help! If you are a doctor or HCP, consider volunteering – we all could use a little more help, kindness and reassurance during this time!

About Doc2Us

Doc2Us is a Malaysian-based mobile application that connects you to a healthcare professional to get medical advice instantly without having to travel all the way to see a doctor. It aims to make ‘seeing’ a doctor more affordable and accessible as well as complement the healthcare ecosystem so that physical medical resources are saved for those who need it.

Doc2Us is co-founded by medical doctor Dr Raymond Choy, startup entrepreneur Jack Lee and app development company Agmo Studio Sdn Bhd. Together, they operate Doc2Us under a joint venture named Heydoc International Sdn Bhd. For more information, please visit