Top 10 Germ Hot Spots In Your Office

Top 10 Germ Hot Spots In Your Office

Welcome to what seems like a whole new world, as some of us can finally return to the office after a long hiatus. But all isn’t safe yet, and there should still be a few things we should take note of. You all know the drill of wearing masks and washing hands often, but we’re here to gently remind you of the top 10 germ hot spots in your office as well, thanks to Doc2Us! The hot spots are generally things that lots of people will touch, so let’s take a look.

1) Elevator Buttons

If you work in a high-rise building, there’s no escaping the lifts, or elevators. Perhaps some companies have a roster of their employees taking turns to go to work, but still. Some may also be wearing gloves, or maybe using other objects to press the buttons, but you never know for sure. So if you have to press the elevator buttons, make sure you wash your hands right after that!

Pressing elevator buttons

2) Door Handles

Just like the above, door handles are a common item many people will touch. In order to enter or exit, you’d have to use the handles, especially if they are doors that only open if you turn the knob or push down on the handle. So try to be aware of every time you have to use a door handle! Besides washing hands, you/your company could also try to make sure they’re sanitised regularly.

Holding a door handle

3) Doors

An extension of the door handles, sometimes the doors themselves could be crawling with germs as well. Some people may avoid the handles and place their hands on the doors to push them open, or some may use their shoulders/upper arms, which could be slightly better for minimising “contact”.

Opening doors

4) Copy Machine

Think about how many people needs to use this on a regular basis, especially there are just a few of these machines, and many people sharing them. The buttons especially should be wiped down and sanitised regularly, as should the cover of the machine, and even the surfaces where papers are placed!

Operating a copy machine

5) Break Room Appliances

Break room more or less implies the hangout room, yes? And it’s probably the favourite room of everyone. Grab snacks, make drinks… people will still need the break room for water and other sustenance (if your office has them), so it will still be kind of a high-traffic area, even if you are no longer gathering in there to chit-chat. It’s best to keep it (and your hands) clean there, especially since you will be eating/drinking.

Water from a water cooler

6) Books

Not just books, but magazines or other sort of reading materials as well, if you and your colleagues often refer to these. How long have they been passed around? Who has used them before you? You don’t really know, so handle these objects with care, and dare we say it again? Wash your hands!

People holding books up

7) Conference Room Tables

Well, the purpose of the conference room is to hold conferences, though maybe now it could be a form of socially-distanced conference. Regardless, the surfaces in the room like the tables, chair handles, marker pens (if you still use them), projector and/or common desktop could potentially be where germs congregate too. If possible, do clean and sanitise the room after each conference, and yes, wash your hands as an extra measure to be safe.

Conference room

8) Phones

How many times do you reach for your phone absently in a day? You can’t keep track? That’s what we thought. Whether you’re using your mobile phone or a landline or both, it’s important to keep your phones clean and germ-free by sanitising them regularly. Especially the office landlines where the phone is supposedly yours, but it’s still “public” property in the office so it’s better to be safe.

Office phone

9) Candy Dish

Sweets are great for a mid-day pick-me-up, and we’re sure you’re not the only one who agrees with that statement. And people do like to go through the candy bowl/dish just for fun sometimes, even if all the sweets are the same. Be careful with the candy bowl for now, or bring your own sweets to work!

Candy bowl

10) Desktop

Last but not least, your desktop/work laptop. Sure, you’re probably using it yourself without sharing, but you’re having very high contact with it. And as careful as you may be, you can’t see germs, or perhaps you missed a spot washing your hands, and now the germs are on your keyboard and mouse. Sanitise your hands at regular intervals, and also sanitise your desktop and mouse as you see fit.

Typing on a laptop keyboard

For all that are back to work today, we hope you have an enjoyable (?) day back at work, but remember to stay safe! The battle with Covid-19 isn’t over, and we definitely do not need another wave!

To keep those germs at bay, remember to get some face masks, hand sanitiser, hand soap, disinfectant and alcohol wipes!

Article inspired by Doc2Us’ Facebook post.