Top 10 Online Organic Grocers in Singapore

Top 10 Online Organic Grocers in Singapore
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Forget about junk food and try to make a switch to healthy eating. While you’re at it, why not try organic food for a change? From fruits and vegetables to meats and other food products, check out these Top 10 Online Organic Grocers in Singapore. Who knows, some of them might even end up as your next go-to online grocery shopping destination!

1) Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan's Grocery

More than just a gourmet butcher, Ryan’s Grocery also houses a wide variety of free-range and certified organic products that are carefully sourced from selected suppliers. For the latter, you can find everything from organic sodas that contain no added colouring and preservatives to meats (e.g. beef, lamb & turkey) and vegetables like sprouts, cabbage and lettuce. Also, you get to enjoy free delivery for any purchase above $150. | FB: Ryansgrocery | IG: @ryansgrocery_sg

2) Nature’s Superfoods

Nature's Superfoods

True to its name, this shop specialises in superfoods that are highly nutritious, organic and 100% natural. Expect wholesome products like quinoa, muesli porridge, chia seeds and matcha powder — all of which are reasonably priced and more so if you purchase in bulk or more than three of the same items. For any orders above $75, you will be entitled to free shipping too! | FB: naturesuperfoods | IG: @naturesuperfoods

3) OpenTaste


An online marketplace that houses a wide range of products from over 200 farms and food manufacturers across six different countries, OpenTaste makes sure there’s something for everyone here. For organic products, you can find items like cold-pressed coconut oils, tomatoes, corn chips and black chia seeds at wholesale prices. And since they are sourced directly from the respective suppliers, you can have your ordered items delivered to your doorsteps within 36 hours. | FB: OPENTASTEcom | IG:

4) Little Farms

Little Farms

Since 2016, Little Farms has been committed to promoting healthy living through ethically-sourced foods from selected independent suppliers and farmers. This includes the likes of Australia, Europe and some other countries as well. They have various food and beverage items like avocadoes, berries, meats, vegetables and milk. And best of all, LittleFarms keep the costs low since they sell their goods without going through a middleman. | FB: LittleFarmsGrocer | IG: @littlefarms

5) Nature’s Glory

Nature's Glory

At Nature’s Glory, you can rest assured that each of their organic products are accredited with professional and legit organic certifications. They keep their prices affordable as well and have all kinds of organic products available from lemons to kombuchas and even essential oils. Enjoy free delivery for any local orders above $100. | FB: NaturesGlorySG | IG: @naturesglorysg

6) SuperNature


A leading retailer of all things organic and natural, SuperNature sources them from selected countries’ farms and producers like the United States, Australia and New Zealand. They also deal directly with suppliers with no middlemen whatsoever. Here, you will find that 95% of their products are organic ranging from free-range eggs and dairy items to meats, fruits and vegetables. Other than foods and beverages, they also house non-food categories like household and beauty products. | FB: supernatureorganic | IG: @supernatureorganic

7) Quan Fa Organic Farm

Quan Fa Organic Farm

Once a small tiny organic vegetable retailer, Quan Fa Organic Farm has since become one of Singapore’s leading distributors of organically-grown fruits and vegetables. Since their establishment in 1999, they pride themselves in offering only the freshest food crops without using pesticides and harmful fertilisers. Other than buying them individually, you can also purchase their items in bulk or opt for the carefully-selected box of mixed fruits/vegetables. | FB: quanfaorganic | IG: @qforganic

8) Zenxin Organic Food Singapore

Zenxin Organic Food Singapore

Choose from over 350 products at Zenxin Organic Food, with 95% of them either certified organic by NASAA or USDA. You can find products like avocadoes, rolled oats and pumpkin noodles but they also provide fruit & vegetable boxes via a monthly subscription plan. For the latter, all you need to do is pick your box size (Size A for a smaller family & Size B for a larger family), select your preferred type and have them delivered on a weekly or monthly basis. | FB: ZenxinOrganicFoodSingapore | IG: @zenxin_organicsg

9) Green Circle Eco Farm

Green Circle Eco Farm

Spanning a 2.2 hectare of land, Green Circle Eco-Farm grows and harvests their own fresh produce that is completely free from chemicals and only uses a strict organic farming approach. While they supply mainly local organic produce, Green Circle Eco-Farm also expands their choices with imported goods like vegetables, fruits and food products. | FB: greencirclesingapore | IG: @greencirclefarm

10) Foodsterr


Foodsterr sources all of their products from only the best farms and manufacturers from around the world such as California and Australia. Some of the organic products you can find at Foodsterr include lentils, linseed oils, pumpkin seeds and wholegrain pastas. Delivery charges are waived for orders above $50. | FB: foodsterr | IG:

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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