Top 10 Most Gorgeous Malaysian Students

Image Source: Nadzirah's Instagram

The standards of college and university students have been on an uprising trend and here we are talking about some very gorgeous female students. Not only they are eye-catching, they are also beautiful and attractive. This list tells you why studying in Malaysia is not so bad after all. Basing on public votes, we present to you the Top 10 Most Gorgeous Malaysian Students. How we wish that we can go back to college and uni.

1) Lilian Chuah



Voted Top 1 Most Gorgeous Student in Malaysia, Lilian is a perfect representation of why people say Ipoh produces beautiful girls, attributed to her fair complexion and elegant features. Lilian is currently pursuing law at Brickfields Asia College (lucky you BAC students) and she loves to watch drama series and dancing during her free time. Do follow Lilian for a glimpse of the lifestyle of a gorgeous student!

IG: @lilianc94 | FB: Lilian Chuah

2) Nadzirah Rahman



A picture paints a thousand words and these words are such as stunning, dazzling and beautiful for Nadzirah. Hard to believe she is a student? Nadzirah decided to pursue law and she is currently a student of HELP University. She is more commonly known as Naddy and she dubbed herself as a Food Junkie and a Daydreamer. Naddy is a social influencer through Gushcloud if you think she is a good candidate for your marketing campaigns.

IG: @naddy_rahman

3) Joey Leong



A familiar face to many of you we believe, Joey is no ordinary student. She is an artist and a celebrity who has been exposed to the stage since she was young, participating in singing competitions and starting her acting career in local drama series at age 10. She is currently pursuing her degree in HELP University and while juggling her studies and work, she is also a top notch student scoring good grades. Joey is a perfect example of beauty and aptitude.

IG: @joey_leong | FB: Joey Leong

4) Crystal Liow



Crystal is a symbol of natural beauty. Maybe not the type who will electrify you at the first time, but definitely one of those who will quietly make you fall in love. This gorgeous eye candy resides at Botanic, Klang and she is currently pursuing her degree at Monash University. A lil insight about her; she loves checking out latest trends of fashion during her free time.

IG: @Crystalliow | FB: Crystal Liow Sin Yen

5) Caryn Ng



Type lovely, beautiful and innocent in Google Search and you will get Caryn as the result. Yet another reason why Penang is no less when it comes to pretty eye candies. Caryn is currently studying Accounting and Finance in INTI Penang. When asked about her hobby, she likes travelling especially with her family during weekends and holidays. We reckon she is a good candidate when it comes to modelling for clothes, just like how she did it for Dovey Diary, a fashion boutique in Penang.

IG: @caryn_ng | FB: Caryn Ng

6) Annekie Kow



Annekie is a law student at KDU University College and she has become a motivation to her classmates to attend lectures. The reason is apparent from her pictures and more than 20k followers on her Instagram. A Virgo babe with classic kind of beauty, many say that her big attractive eyes are her secret weapon. Annekie loves shopping and travelling during her spare time.

IG: @Annekiebabey | FB: Annekie Kow

7) Elaine Ng



We’re pretty sure you would have come across Elaine on Instagram, the gorgeous, angel-like sweetheart and yes! She is student from KL currently pursuing her degree in Mass Communication at KDU University College. Though petite in person, we must say she is really photogenic and trust us, you will never get bored of her selfies. Some fun facts about Elaine, she loves to eat chocolate and travelling. Follow her on Instagram for dosage of sweetness.

IG: @laine_laineng | FB: Elaine Ng

8) Cookies Yap



This dazzling Eye Candy from Melaka is friendly, fun and outgoing. Residing in KL, Cookie is a student from INTI University College and a freelance model as well. She loves to play extreme sports, chill out with friends and go on holiday during her free time. Like a chameleon, Cookie can be casual, graceful and sizzling in style depending on occasions. Check out her Instagram!

IG: @Cookies.yap | FB: Cookies Yap

9) Xiao Ting



A combination of sweetness and hotness, Xiao Ting is a student at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College currently pursuing her degree in Marketing. A Johorian, Xiao Ting is also one of the VJs of MFace, a freelancer and live streamer. She likes to play games, eat, sing and go on vacations as her hobbies. She was once dubbed one of the hottest female gamers and good news to Dota players, she is a Dota Pro!

IG: @xtmiaomiao | FB: Ting Xiao

10) Lee Michelle



The list of Top 10 Most Gorgeous Malaysian Students would not be complete without Michelle, a rather sporty and charismatic kind of beauty. Once a sprinter, Michelle has athleticism in her blood. She is now pursuing Monash University Foundation Programme at Sunway University. Being a huge dog lover herself, she owns a Siberian Husky name Rexie. She surely has her uniqueness if you are looking for a charismatic beauty as the face of your project.

IG: @micnienie | FB: Lee Michelle

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