RapidKL Is Offering You The Chance For Lots Of Savings With A New Pass

Image credit: shutterstock.com and myrapid.com.my

Things are slowly returning back to normal, well, the new normal that is. Offices are now open again and schools are implementing new measures. Students in crucial years such as those sitting for SPM and STPM are already in school again. One aspect of life that is also back to normal is public transportation. That’s right, our trains and buses are back to business as usual. Of course, many of us might still be hesitant to go out which is why RapidKL is offering you the chance to save with this new pass!

RapidKL social distancing
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While we understand that not everyone is comfortable going out and about again, it’s important to look a variety of factors. Firstly, make sure you maintain social distancing and wear a mask.

Next, let’s also take into consideration that our situation is relatively safe now and that we should be looking towards supporting our economy. This includes supporting local businesses as well as our tourism industry.

One way to safely do so is to make use of our public transportation such as our trains and buses. In fact, as a way to encourage you, RapidKL is offering all Malaysians the MyCity pass.


RapidKL MyCity Pass unlimited
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With just RM5, you can have unlimited rides on BRT, LRT, MRT and Monorail for a whole day. Not enough? RM15 will get you unlimited rides for three whole days! If you’ve ever wanted to explore our city, now seems like a good time.

RapidKL is offering you the My30 Pass
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You can purchase the RapidKL MyCity pass anytime between now and the 31st of December 2020. Simply head to any BRT, LRT, MRT, and Monorail station to buy the pass. For those traveling to work, you can go for the My30 Unlimited Travel Pass which also entitles you to unlimited rides. This pass is RM30 and will last for 30 days and is available from now until the 31st of December 2020.

This is the perfect time to explore the Klang Valley area through the various trains and buses under RapidKL. You can go cafe hopping, thrift shopping, or even just sightseeing!