Nestle Ice Cream Can Now Be Delivered Straight To Your House!

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The weather recently has been blazing hot during the day and only begins to cool down at night. Sometimes if we’re lucky we can get some rain to help battle the hot sticky air. During such hot weather many of us have our own ways to cooling down such as having a cold drink, lying on the cold floor, or turning on the AC. However, nothing can beat the treat of having some ice cream. Sweet and cold is the right way to go. Now, even with MCO you can get your fix because Nestle ice cream is now available for online order!

It’s undeniable that Nestle ice cream is a great treat at a great price. Many of us probably grew up munching on a Nestle drumstick or buying the 1.5L tubs to share with the family. In addition, there are so many ice cream brands such as Milo, La Cremeria, Crunch, Oreo, and now Kit Kat!

So if you have been craving some good ol’ sweet Nestle ice cream but don’t want to leave the house then we’ve got you covered. You can now order your ice cream online and have it delivered straight to your house.

Nestle Ice Cream home delivery
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In fact, the ice cream comes in those big chilled vans that you normally see delivering to shops. Therefore you won’t have to worry about your ice cream melting or being handled badly.

You can choose between tubs, pints, sticks, and cones of your favourite ice cream. This includes Nestle tubs, La Cremeria, Oreo, Kit Kat, and drumsticks. However, do take note that you will need to purchase in cartons as they are not accommodating loose orders. No problem for those staying with other people!

Nestle Ice Cream online
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How do you get your sweet icy treats? Just head over to Nestle Ice Cream Malaysia’s official shops on Lazada and Shopee. Moreover, you can directly contact Nestle Ice Cream distributors at these numbers to inquire about the options they have and arrange for a delivery.

We hope you enjoy your ice cream!