Top 10 Online Muslimah Fashion Boutiques in Malaysia

Top 10 Muslimah Online Muslimah Fashion Boutiques in Malaysia
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Good quality Muslimah fashion or modest wear doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you are looking for headscarves, blouses or skirts, these recommended Top 10 Online Muslimah Fashion Boutiques in Malaysia could be your next shopping experience that thrills you!


Founded in 2014, Scarffeya focuses on today’s muslimah fashion that is both classy and elegant regardless of formal or casual wear. You can find various collections ranging from scarves and shawls to blouses, skirts and pants — all of which are affordably priced without sacrificing its quality. Apart from muslimah fashion made for adults, selected kids’ sizes are also available as well. | FB: Scarffeya | IG: @scarffeya


Catered for both traditional and modern Muslimah women, Rasa Sayang’s range of quality modest wear comes with a reasonable price tag. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for baju kurung, outerwear or even a fashionable Muslimah set, with the latter including a matching top and bottom. All of their garments are specially designed in-house with limited quantities, meaning you don’t have to worry about clashing with others. You can either shop online or visit one of their ten outlets throughout Peninsular Malaysia. | FB: fesyenrasasayang | IG: @fesyenrasasayang


Be it scarves, blouses, skirts or pants, CalaQisya has them all under one platform. Their range of Muslimah wear is all elegantly designed with modernity in mind, making them suitable for today’s women. Look out for their fuss-free Ironless collection where the likes of scarves and tops are made from non-iron fabric materials. | FB: calaqisya | IG: @calaqisya


Looking for a high-quality modest fashion label minus the exorbitant price tag? You might want to check out the homegrown Poplook brand, which carries more than 1,500 different designs and sizes that fits all kinds of body shapes. From their bestselling blouse & skirt sets to the various headscarves designs such as scallops, shawls and curved edges, there’s something for everyone at Poplook. | FB: POPLOOK | IG: @poplook


An affordably-priced designer label for modest fashion wear is made possible, thanks to Zucca’s direct-to-consumer sales approach minus the third-party middlemen costs. Even all of their designs are created in-house, covering from tops to bottoms such as headscarves, blouses, skirts and leggings. Also, do check out for their value-for-money “2 for RM 30” and “2 for RM 50” promotions. | FB: | IG: @zucca.butik


Here’s a homegrown modest wear brand that needs no introduction. Founded in 2014 by renowned Malaysian celebrity and entrepreneur Neelofa, Naelofar is primarily known for their affordable headscarves made from premium quality. For their headscarves alone, you can find everything from the classic shawls to semi-instant and instant collections. The latter particularly comes in handy for those who want to put it on in a jiffy without relying on pins or brooches. You can shop for Naelofar’s products online or check out one of her outlets nationwide. | FB: NaelofarOfficial | IG: @naelofar


Ariani Online prides itself in offering fashion-forward scarves that combines up-to-date style and functionality. Their headscarves consist of various ready-to-wear designs like squares, pleats and instant varieties. You can also find other modest wears such as blouses, skirts and pants. Ariani Online also operates a number of physical outlets, where you can search for their stores right here and here. | FB: GaleriAriani | IG: @galeriariani


Bella Ammara’s modest wear collection favours more on minimalism and simplicity but still maintains the contemporary style that fits today’s Muslim women. Discover their various fashionably chic collections ranging from shawls and baju kurung to jubah and casual apparels. And in case you are wondering about the name of their brand, Bella Ammara actually derives from the combined French and Persian languages, translated as “Lady with a strong iman”. | FB: BellaAmmara | IG: @bellaammara


The name of this homegrown online boutique says it all. Here is where you can find a wide range of modest wear such as headscarves, baju kurung, pant suits as well as assorted tops and bottoms. Not to mention they are made comfortable for everyday wear and even come with an affordable price. | FB: muslimahclothing | IG: @muslimahclothing


At EJ Fashion Style, their online boutique is dedicated to providing quality yet affordably-priced modest wear for every woman. For instance, you can own a set of batik-inspired baju kurung for as low as RM 60 per piece. Or perhaps their simple yet elegant-looking blouses at just RM 20. Find out about their collections by visiting the website below. | FB: ejfashionstyle | IG: @ejfashionstyle

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