Seedy Zero Waste Store Promotes Sustainable Living

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We have heard many cries of Mother Earth pleading us to treat her with more love. With the recent climate change and global warming movements, everyone has a role to play in this world. This doesn’t imply we need to lead or drive major changes but we can make small little changes as it goes a long way. Seedy Zero Waste Store is a perfect little place to start if you want to make little changes starting from today.

About Seedy Zero Waste Store

Seedy Zero Waste Store caters to a daily zero waste lifestyle. You can get food ingredients, personal care, and household products in bulk, without any single-use plastic packaging. They encourage customers to BYO (Bring Your Own) containers or bottles to fill what you want, as little as you want, or as much as you want. In addition, they also conduct different workshops and events to raise awareness and educate the community about zero waste. From handmade beeswax wraps, water kefir workshops, collecting used jars and food packaging to clothing swap events, there’s plenty to explore!

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Products or Services Offered

Besides selling a wide range of product selections from cooking ingredients to day-to-day products, such as the best-selling items like metal straws, washable pads, cutlery sets, cotton mesh bags and package-free soap bars, the founder has turned her zero waste store from just an ordinary shop to a unique one indeed. Moreover, she makes sure the the store offers eco-friendly products at an affordable price and is made of quality materials to ensure they last longer.

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Creating A Better World To Live In

The idea of opening a zero waste store came to mind when the founder realised the ugly truth of recycling – plastic is the number one enemy. The founder, Grace, experienced firsthand how many plastic items are deemed non-recyclable and end up being thrown into a landfill. As a mother of two beautiful children, it was only natural for Grace to worry about her children’s future. The final straw was when she saw pictures of animals at sea struggling to break free of the plastic waste floating in the ocean emerging online. The ineffectiveness of recycling motivated her to find the best solution to reduce plastic consumption, hence the zero waste idea was born.

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Making A Difference, One Person At A Time

Seedy Zero Waste Store is all about planting seeds of change and Grace sees change not only in the products you buy but also in practicing and cultivating alternative methods that can help reduce plastic usage even in the simplest of things such as the use of saran wrap. Unlike recycling, zero waste aims for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. It promotes not only reuse and recycling but, more importantly, prevention and product designs that consider the entire product life cycle. Many people think that it is difficult to change as plastic is too convenient and low cost. Therefore they share lively examples to encourage the community, one step at a time. Every tiny step counts.

Image credit: Seedy Zero Waste Store

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. Hence we influence people by action instead of just talking about it.”

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