Check Out Shariff Amang And His Beautiful Borneo Inspired Fashion!

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In Malaysia, we have a rich history of culture and fashion that we should be proud of. In fact, there are many traditional designs and patterns that most of us are unaware of. Sabahan designer, Shariff Amang, has brought one of Sarawak’s beautiful designs to the public eye.

Shariff Amang recently took part in the International Borneo Festival clothing design competition in London. The aim of this competition is to highlight the beauty and colours of Sabah and Sarawak.

Shariff Amang and his Pua Kumbu design line
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Therefore, drawing his inspiration from Sarawak, the designer used the Pua Kumbu design to work with. The Pua Kumbu is a patterned and multicoloured ceremonial cloth used by the Iban people.

Furthermore, the raw materials used in the natural dyes are harvested from the rainforest. In fact, the Iban people use a wide variety of plants to create the rich natural dyes that produce such vibrant colours.

Pua Kumbu weaver
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Moving on, Shariff Amang’s concept was to create a line of ready-to-wear clothes featuring the Pua Kumbu design. His line consists of fashionable semi-casual clothes for both men and women.

His entry blew the judges away enough that he actually beat out dozens of entries. He also received the opportunity to go on an all expenses paid trip to London to be take part in the finals.

Shariff Amang and his Pua Kumbu design line
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Meanwhile in London, he successfully won second place! This is a pretty huge deal because this was actually his first time joining such a competition.

In fact, the reason why he joined this competition as his first ever competition was to push himself out of his comfort zone. While he kept telling himself that it was all about the experience, he still won over the judges.

His goal now is to bring Bornean designs all over the world!