Perdita The ‘World’s Worst Cat’ Finds Happy Ending After All

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Perdita the cat recently took the Internet by storm when the Mitchell County Animal Rescue Facebook page posted about her. In their post they call her the ‘World’s Worst Cat’ and even say their vet agrees she’s a jerk! But now Perdita has found her happily ever after with a new home and loving parents.

Perdita The World’s Worst Cat

As you can see in the post above, that cat is not a happy cat. In fact, she is described as a jerk that likes staring into your soul and lurking in dark corners. Follow up posts also show that she growls in annoyance.

Furthermore, the shelter writes that she hates pink, kittens, dogs, children, Disney movies, Christmas, and HUGS! To be honest she really does sound like she could be the world’s worst cat. Most people get pets for the companionship and love after all.

A Cat’s Reaction? 

Perdita the cat
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However, a quick scroll through the comments show that her previous owner passed away and she was sent to the shelter. While her attitude prior to entering the shelter is not described, it is possible that she was simply having a bad reaction.

Cats and dogs are not just animals filled with love and happiness. They can also experience sadness, anxiety, PTSD, and anger. Perdita could be facing sadness from the passing of her owner, anxiety from being in a new environment, and even anger at being sent to a shelter.

A lot of patience and understanding is required for a situation like this. Owners and caretakers must be alert for clues and respect the animal’s needs. For example, in the video above Perdita is enjoying being rubbed but after a while she growls. This indicates that she is no longer comfortable with so much touching.

That Happy Ending!

Perdita and her new family
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Thankfully, her post on Facebook attracted many loving and understanding people who applied to adopt her. After much consideration and interviews, the shelter has chosen a new family for her!

To ensure the best situation, the shelter has chosen a couple that have a quiet lifestyle, lots of cat experience, patience, and a cat appropriate house. The couple have decided to rename her to Noel just in case her grumpy attitude might also be a result of her name.

Noel has finally gotten her happy ending and also has an Instagram page dedicated to her. You can follow her journey and see how she’s getting along with her new family.