KRU Studios Is Collaborating With KidZania To Provide A New Experience

Back in 2012, KidZania came to Malaysia and opened their doors to all children. The concept of this edutainment centre is that kids can take their games of make believe to a whole new level. Now KidZania is collaborating with KRU Group and bringing a cool new attraction.

In case you don’t know, KRU Studios is a media and entertainment company. They are one of the leading brands the creative industry in Malaysia.

KRU was founded in 1992 and now provide a wide range of services that involve the media and entertainment industry. They also specialise in production and distribution capabilities.

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Therefore, KidZania will now be offering kids the opportunity to work in an animation studie. This helps in encouraging exposure to young kids to the world of animation and creativity.

This collaboration will continue KidZania’s mission in expanding knowledge, promoting values, and developing skills. It also allows KRU to contribute to the future of the creative industry by giving young kids the experience.

Having an opportunity for young kids to experience different types of jobs is very good. It allows them to be open to the different types of jobs and what the struggles could be.

Now that KidZania is offering an animation studio experience, it helps to further promote a wholesome offering of jobs. Many kids may not be aware of the requirements or challenges of a job in the creative design industry.

Maybe the next time you bring your kids to KidZania they will come back with a new ambition in design.