Top 10 Calligraphy Classes in Singapore

Top 10 Calligraphy Classes in Singapore
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Calligraphy is more than just a learning curve on creating beautiful strokes, colourings and letterings. It is said to be therapeutic as well as improving concentration, patience and creativity. And the best thing is, calligraphy can be learned regardless if you are a child or an adult. If you are looking to learn and master the proper technique, these are the Top 10 Calligraphy Classes in Singapore worth checking out for.

1) Eterate Calligraphy

Eterate Calligraphy

Learn from the best at Eterate, where their Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshops have been taught not only in Singapore but also in North & South America. There are basically four types of classes you can choose here, beginning with the Introductory Workshop tailored for newcomers. Here, you get to learn the basic knowledge of calligraphy as well as hands-on technique in using a brush pen. Other classes provided at Eterate include Intermediate Workshop (for returning students), Collaboration Workshop and Private Workshop (a one-to-one class for adults and children age 9 and above). For more info, you can get in touch with them by filling in your contact details or email to | FB: eteratecalligraphy | IG: @eteratecalligraphy

2) The Nibs & Paper Company

The Nibs & Paper Company

The Nibs & Paper Company is the brainchild of Marilyn Ho, the founder and chief calligrapher specialises in handcrafted and bespoke wedding stationery. Workshops are also provided, with the likes of calligraphy classes suitable for beginners and intermediate students. You can learn more about them by filling in your contact details right here or send your email to | FB: nibsandpaper | IG: @nibsandpaper

3) LeahDesign


At Leah Design, you get to learn a step-by-step guide on how to master your calligraphy skills from the namesake calligrapher herself. This includes everything from fundamental knowledge related to calligraphy, lettering & typography to practical applications and techniques. There are four different sessions in total, which will last at 3 1/2 hours per class. Find out more about these respective classes or get in touch with Leah by filling in your contact details. | FB: leahdesignsg | IG: @leahdesign

4) Dottieshop


Founded in 2015 by Dorothea, Dottieshop specialises in custom artwork and paper floral arrangements. She also organises various workshops such as Brush Calligraphy & Loose Florals and Watercolour Brush Calligraphy. Private workshop sessions are also provided upon request via email at Keep in mind that private sessions are only applicable for a minimum of 6 persons. Alternatively, you can drop your message using the contact form right here. | FB: dottieshop | IG: @dottieshop_sg

5) The Workroom

The Workroom

The Workroom offers a range of workshops tailored for both adults and children. Here, you get to learn everything from proper guidance on handling the tools to hands-on application and technique. Best of all, every workshop is specifically designed for different skill levels including beginners and intermediate students. You can find out more about them right here or send your email to Alternatively, you can text them via WhatsApp at +65 9048 7718 or simply fill in your contact details. | FB: | IG:

6) Splashrunway Designs

Alyssa from SplashRunway is an expert in conducting watercolour florals, watercolour galaxies, and brush lettering basic workshops in small and comfortable groups. These classes come with carefully curated starter kits and exclusive beginner booklets filled with tips and instructions, which have received great feedback from students. Workshops can also be customised upon request via the contact form or via email (

FB: splashrunway | IG: @splashrunway

7) The Letter J Supply

The Letter J Supply

The Letter J Supply’s workshop typically runs at 3.5 hours long, where you can either learn modern calligraphy or brush writing. For the modern calligraphy class, you will learn proper handling of a dip nib pen as well as techniques on how to apply strokes and other styles. Other than able to bring back home all the provided materials such as nibs and practice pad, you will also a special gift from Bynd Artisan. You can get in touch with them by sending your email to | FB: Theletterjsupply | IG: @theletterjsupply

8) Nehohmee


Fancy to learn the brush pen technique? Then, you might want to check out Nehohmee conducted at 192 Pearl Hill Terrace #02-48 s168976. You will get to learn the step-by-step guide on how to use the brush pen and other hands-on techniques. Alternatively, you can also opt for watercolour brush calligraphy. For more info about their workshops or other relevant services, feel free to drop your message right here. Private classes are also available upon request via email at | FB: Nehohmee | IG: @nehohmee

9) Natalie Studio

Natalie Studio

Natalie Studio’s classes are personally conducted by the namesake founder and her friends at Pearl’s Hill Terrace. Their classes are more on the casual side, giving you a more relaxing feel to learn watercolour or brush calligraphy even if you are a newcomer. If you want to learn more about her studio as well as her classes, feel free to drop your email at

FB: iloveNatalieStudio | IG: @nataliestudio

10) Happy Hands Project

Happy Hands Project

Pauline, the founder of Happy Hands Project since 2012, is an expert in both calligraphy and lettering. Other than providing relevant services for various events, she also conducts calligraphy workshops as well. For more info, you can simply get in touch with her via email at or fill in your contact details right here. | FB: HappyHandsProject | IG: @happyhandsproj

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