These 4 Flowers are Appropriate for Farewell

These 4 Flowers are Appropriate for Farewell
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Everyone has to face the tough phases in their lives when they have to say goodbye to their close ones. On such occasions the beauty of flowers provides a unique opportunity to say a final farewell. If you are thinking of a beautiful way to create a personal tribute to your friends, colleagues, family or even loved ones, these 4 flowers are appropriate for farewell. Check out the different meaning of these flowers too!

1) Roses

It is always great to know the symbolic meanings associated with roses when you send them to your close ones. When you specifically pick a particular color, you give an entirely new depth to the gesture of sending roses. If you are going to give flowers to your loved one, you must choose red rose. For your family or friends, you can choose yellow rose. White rose symbolises purity, secrecy, innocence, silence, humility, and youthfulness. While Yellow rose represents joy, friendship, the promise of a new beginning, delight, Remember Me.


2) Sunflowers

Sunflowers can brighten up someone’s day with their beautiful and bright color. It is known for expressing beauty and utility. Their representation to the sun makes them a symbol of utility, brightness, warmth, and beauty. Sunflowers are perfect for farewell. You can choose a bouquet made of fresh sunflowers.


3) Lilies

A bouquet of lilies is a beautiful way to bid farewell to your loved ones. It represents humbleness and devotion, making it an ideal parting gift for the person whom you bid goodbye to. You can even choose to go with the mixed-flower bouquet consists white roses, lilies, and greenery that shows warm memories.


4) Orchids

Orchid is known as the rich flower that represents love, beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, and charm. It has been kept in high value since centuries. You need to consider the color of orchid while choosing it for farewell as different color possess different meaning:

  • Blue – Rarity
  • Red – Strength and Courage.
  • Pink – Joy, happiness, innocence.
  • White – Innocence, purity, elegance, and beauty.
  • Purple – Admiration, dignity, respect, and royalty.
  • Yellow – Friendship and new beginnings.
  • Orange – Enthusiasm, pride, and boldness.


If you are choosing the right farewell flower for your close one, he/she will remember it forever.

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