10 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Cafe-Like Decor

The coffee, the food, the warm ambience that you get in a cafe. It’s like a minor retreat from the hustle and bustle of an otherwise busy city life. Fortunately, you can bring those entire experience back home by replicating a cafe-like interior decor. Here are the 10 ways to help spark your inspiration.

1) Add Tungsten Lights

Forget about the usual white fluorescent tubes often found in the home. Instead, have you ever wonder why some cafes give you a sense of warmth? The answer lies in the installation of tungsten lights. There are plenty of different light fixtures you can choose from — track lighting, pendant lamp, fabric light, and island lighting, just to name a few.

Image Credit: tungstene.ca

2) Add A Chalkboard Wall

No cafe interior would be complete without a chalkboard. But instead of a chalkboard filled with menu and prices, you can write or even draw something else. Some of the suggestions you can choose to do are adding a weekly checklist (a grocery list would be a great starting point!), meal/quote of the day or random sketches. Basically, the sky’s the limit since the empty space on the chalkboard wall is all up to you to decide. Black or green chalkboards are usually the best colour options here, while you can opt to purchase the board or self-adhesive wall sticker.

Image Credit: thespruce.com

3) Decorate Your Home With A Bookshelf

One of the main reasons why people love to sit in a cafe is because of its cosy atmosphere. You can start by adding a bookshelf. It doesn’t matter whether you have it mounted against the wall or are going for a standard cabinet style. Then, add paperback novels, coffee-table books or even magazines. And if you choose to buy a bookshelf, go for a more neutral colour like white and beige. You definitely do not want bold colours to cause an unnecessary visual distraction.

Image Credit: divisare.com

4) Opt For Open Shelves

This also relates to the bookshelf and other types of shelves as well. After all, you will find that most cafes prefer open shelves to showcase everything from merchandise to kitchenware. You can also do the same by arranging your mugs & glasses, bowls & plates or other household items. Just don’t overcrowd the open shelves to avoid a messy appearance. And like the bookshelf, neutral colours would be your best bet.

Image Credit: thespruce.com

5) Fill Your Walls With Themed Wallpapers

Ever noticed some cafes have their own themes? For instance, the wall of a jazz cafe is filled with illustrations or images of jazz legends and instruments. Use that similar idea and transplant it into a theme of your own. It can be anything that you love the most: movies, music, comics, quotes or decorative artworks.

Image Credit: aliexpress.com

6) Calm Your Interior With Indoor Plants

Give your home a fresh feeling by adding some nature to your decor. Not only the greenery helps you to relax but also gives you a homey cafe-like vibe. Consider adding indoor plants like cactus, aloe vera, moss or spider plants.

Image Credit: today.com

7) Make Use Of Nooks And Crannies

You see those lonely, empty corners in your home? Make use of them by adding furniture like a wall-mounted cabinet, shelf, L- or U-shaped sofa/chair/bench or even a workstation.

Image Credit: tlcinteriors.com.au

8) Install A Bar Seating

If you have a budget, consider installing a bar seating and add some bar stools. Choose a spot closer to your window or alternatively, against the wall.

Image Credit: homeboxy.info

9) Style Your Home With Exposed Brick Wall

Exposed brick walls are one of the common sights often found in today’s cafes. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune hiring a contractor to tear down your existing wall and build one. There’s a cheaper alternative where you can just purchase 3D self-adhesive wallpapers that replicates a brick wall-like effect. You can choose to paste them against any wall like the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Image Credit: homedit.com

10) Choose Cafe-Style Furniture

Pay attention to what kind of furniture that most owners usually display in their cafes. Here are some of the usual choices that you might want to consider: bench seating, long or round tables and tub armchairs.

Image Credit: asiaone.com