No Better Time Than Now To Support The Local Scene

It’s been a while since the MCO has been in effect, and we’re still under it at the moment. In fact, most of the whole world is currently under some sort of quarantine in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. To say that the world has been brought to its knees would be just about an adequate statement, and everyone has challenges of their own. But businesses are suffering to say the least, and if we can, we should support the local scene!

Times Of Uncertainty

We’ve grown so accustomed to a certain way of living and now that things have been shaken up abruptly, lots of us are struggling to adapt. Most businesses are hit hard during this time as they have to cease operations, and this means that they lose a significant portion (if not all) of their income. Some of the more tech-savvy could perhaps still make something work, but not all of them are, and even online businesses could be affected. It’s tough times all right.

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When Life Hits Hard

As much as we’d like to, sometimes it can be really hard to adapt. As operations are stopped, there are a lot of things we’re unable to do, even as businesses try to keep running in whatever way they can. Perhaps those who have “ready stock” and deal in goods could still operate, but those who require daily production for their goods fare less well. Suppliers and manufacturers could be closed down, forcing them to halt as well. It’s a whole chain reaction, and a big one at that.

But They Still Have To Survive

During times like this, a small gesture goes a long way. Buying stuff online is a great way to start, but sometimes remember those who aren’t online as well. They have been heart-wrenching posts about forgotten hawker owners because footfall has literally dropped to zero, and they couldn’t make a living. Whenever you do your grocery runs, if you can, perhaps drive by the local shops, and see what you need or want from there as well. It doesn’t have to be a large amount, but right now every cent literally counts! You may have come across Jobbie’s post on Facebook, who were just about to go bankrupt. But thanks to kind Samaritans, they’re getting help now. Besides Jobbie, there could be others who need our help as well.

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So support the local scene, and you can start from your neighbourhood itself. Every little thing counts!