David Beckham Has Introduced 4 New Scents To Malaysians

Image credit: hype.my and etonline.com

I am sure we all know David Beckham, either for his awesome football skills or his good looks. He carries around an aura of confidence and style wherever he goes. Now, David Beckham fragrances has made its debut in Malaysia.

The brand has collaborated with Coty International which is a luxury perfumer known for Gucci and Hugo Boss scents. Together, the two brands have produced four scents that reflect David’s personality.

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Image credit: todayonline.com

‘Suit Up’ is the theme of the campaign which appropriately shows the style of the footballer. In the range of scents you will find Instinct, Homme, Respect, and Classic.

The idea behind this range is to elevate the Malaysian man to be the best he is. It is not about changing the man but helping him improve himself. This is achievable through career, style, relationships, or sports.

During the media launch, four Malaysian men were chosen to represent each scent.

Image credit: hype.my

Azwan Kombos who is a family man and actor uses Instinct. Azwan is the embodiment of smooth style and masculinity in a modern man. He is busy working on his career while staying devoted to his daughter and wife.

Ryzal Jaafar represents Homme because of his unique sense of style and personality. He is known for his eccentric style and is not afraid to make a statement through fashion.

Devoted footballer, model, and actor Ikmal Amry represents Respect. This is because he knows that respect is a value cherished by everyone across different industries.

Lastly, Faeez Fadhlillah is an entrepreneur, CEO, and travel junkie who represents Classic. This helps him create his own style with a personal twist that represents himself.