Top 10 Kombucha in Malaysia

Top 10 Kombucha in Malaysia
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An unhealthy gut can lead to a series of problems ranging from bloating to constipation, chronic fatigue and autoimmune diseases. This is why it’s important to pay good attention to your gut health. Drinking the fermented tea-based kombucha can offer you plenty of benefits, and they even come in different flavours from original to fruity-based varieties like passionfruit, pineapple and orange. Check out these Top 10 Kombucha in Malaysia worth a try!

1) WonderBrew Kombucha

WonderBrew prides itself in sourcing most of its ingredients from local farmers and of course, handcrafting its kombuchas in small batches. This is to ensure that the quality remains intact at all times. They have different flavours available here, ranging from Markisa Breeze (passionfruit & mint) to Black Booch (acai berries & goji berries) and the locally-inspired Ipoh Mali (sweet pomelo). WonderBrew is also committed to sustainability by reducing plastic use and even upcycling their SCOBY to turn them into vegan leather.

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2) Boocha


Boocha cares about the quality that goes into their making of great-tasting kombucha. And that means each process from sourcing ingredients to brewing, tasting and bottling are thoroughly handcrafted with love. Combining premium tea and fresh fruits, some of their deliciously fruity concoctions include Passion Fruit, Pink Grapefruit and Golden Pineapple Turmeric.

FB: Myboocha | IG: @my_boocha

3) Zenboocha


Zenboocha aims to create tasty kombucha drinks that are also healthy at the same time. And that’s exactly what they are good at. All of their kombuchas are brewed using natural ingredients and when it comes to flavours, they have a few of them available. This includes Ginger Honey, Lychee Rose, Passion Potion (passionfruit) and Figgin’ Dreamy (a combination of organic fig with pu erh tea, lavender and cardamom). Zenboocha also practices sustainable business by minimising food waste and unnecessary packaging. | FB: Zenboocha | IG: @zenboocha

4) THE COOL Juice


THE COOL Juice may be specialising in 100% cold-pressed juices but they brew their own kombuchas too. Under the name of Kampung Jar, they have four primary flavours to choose from. Among them include The Original using organic black tea, filtered water, cane sugar and live kombucha culture. But if you prefer something fruity, check out their sweet and tarty Oren Zinger, where they combine citrus juices (orange & lemon) with the spice of fresh ginger. Then, there’s the refreshing Violet Blossom filled with antioxidants-packed grapes and apples as well as dried butterfly pea flower. | FB: thecooljuice | IG: @thecooljuice

5) Alocha Kombucha

Alocha Kombucha

Established in 2020, Alocha offers varieties of flavours for their nutritious range of kombuchas. Try their fruity-based kombuchas infused with either black or green tea such as Tropical Fruits (apple, grape, mango, orange, peach & passion fruit), Apple Ginger and Blackcurrant (blackcurrant juice with a hint of cherry). All of their kombuchas are brewed using only imported tea leaves and fresh fruits and also handcrafted in batches for quality control. | FB: AlochaKombucha | IG: @alocha.kombucha

6) Brew by Root

Brew by Root

MesTI (Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry)-certified Brew by Root is committed to safety and hygiene in making their own kombucha. Their kombucha is not only vegan-friendly but also low in sugar, making it an ideal pick-me-up drink for those who want to watch their sugar intake. Flavours-wise, they have several refreshing flavours available like Dragonfruit, Earl Grey Cinnamon and Ginger. Do follow their social media pages since they offer seasonal and limited-edition flavours from time to time such as Rooibos and Earl Grey Butterfly Pea.

FB: brewbyroot | IG: @brewbyroot

7) Wild Kombucha

Wild Kombucha

Wild Kombucha uses only high-quality ingredients when comes to brewing their kombuchas. And they do so by using the traditional brewing method in small batches. Some of their healthy sparkling delights to try here include Tropical Mango (mango & coconut), Pineapple Crush (pineapple & mint) and Blueberry Acai (organic acai berries & blueberries with dried hibiscus flowers and raw ginger). They have three bottle sizes to choose from including 250ml (small), 500ml (medium) and 1 litre (large). | FB: | IG:

8) ChaCha Kombucha

ChaCha Kombucha

Enjoy guilt-free, refreshing kombucha drinks from Cha Cha. They only use 100% natural ingredients and brew them in small batches too. Choose one of their 12-pack 250ml kombucha in glass bottles, where they offer several flavours like the original Basic Bucha and the raspberry-added Love Bucha. Among others include Bliss Bucha (passionfruit), I Care Bucha (pink guava) and Zen Bucha (ginger). If you buy more, you can enjoy bulk pricing at 20% off for 2 units and above. | FB: ChaChaLifeKombucha | IG:



Based in Johor, Muunchew uses mostly locally-grown and produced ingredients for their kombucha. And to be exact, 100% real and plant-based natural ingredients with no added preservatives and additives whatsoever. For flavours, try their sweet and floral lychee & lavender of The Calming Aid or stay refreshed with The Pink Potion, which contains watermelon, strawberry, and mint. They have a classic mojito-like kombucha but in a non-alcoholic version, which mixes lime and mint. | FB: muunchew | IG: @muunchew_cha

10) RealCha Kombucha

RealCha Kombucha

True to its name, RealCha keeps it real by using only 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives and artificial juices. For the latter, they incorporate fresh fruits for their fruity-based kombucha such as Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Apple. But if you prefer the non-fruit varieties, they have other kombucha flavours like White Coffee and Thai Green Tea.

FB: RealChaKombucha | IG: @realchakombucha

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