Break The Tradition with These 12 Unique Kuih Raya Recipes

Break The Tradition With These 12 Unique Kuih Raya Recipes
Image Credits: Dyaz Anna & Buat Orang Lapo YouTube

With this year’s Hari Raya just around the corner, Kuih Raya is a quintessential must-have to serve your guests. You can always purchase homemade or store-bought varieties either online or offline. Alternatively, why not try baking them at home? Here, we won’t be covering the traditional Kuih Raya recipes. But rather a refreshing change of topic, where we have compiled a list of 12 Unique Kuih Raya Recipes.

1) Semperit Lotus Biscoff

The otherwise traditional Semperit is given a contemporary twist in this recipe. Instead of the classic melt-in-the-mouth butter cookies with a little cherry on top, the recipe combines the distinctly caramelised flavour of lotus biscoff spread and butterscotch chips. Check out the full recipe video below. (Video Credit: Dyaz Anna)

2) Semperit Red Velvet

Why restrict red velvet in a cake form when you can incorporate the ingredient into Semperit as well? This brings us to the unique take on the classic Semperit with a red velvet twist. The main ingredients consist of the likes of butter, vinegar, condensed milk, cocoa powder and of course, pink/red colouring. It’s straightforward and easy to make, thanks to this recipe below. (Video Credit: Sloppy Kitchen)

3) Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Can’t get enough of red velvet for this year’s kuih Raya recipe? Here’s another for you worth baking here: the Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, where you will find the surface of the cookies all visibly cracked with red velvet filling on the inside. Watch the full recipe video below. (Video Credit: Dapur Mama AhLek)

4) Kurma Cornflakes

Got plenty of boxes of kurmas (dates) in your kitchen? Well, why not make good use of them by incorporating kurma into the cornflakes cookies? Here, the Kurma Cornflakes are basically an alternative version of the usual Honey Cornflakes. Here’s the full recipe video on how to prepare and bake your own Kurma Cornflakes at home. (Video Credit: Merryn Tan)

5) Kuih Bangkit Cheese

Bored with the same old taste of Kuih Bangkit every Raya celebration? Why not try giving your usual Kuih Bangkit a nice, cheese flavour by simply incorporating the ingredients with some added cheddar cheese? Find out how you can make the unique Kuih Bangkit Cheese below. (Video Credit: iCookAsia)

6) Cadbury Tart

When comes to Raya tarts, the rolled pineapple varieties often come to mind. Besides, these are all-time favourites and particularly, a must-have during the Raya season. And frankly, it’s easy to see taste why: Soft, buttery cookie texture with sweet-and-tangy pineapple filling on the inside — undoubtedly a perfect match made in heaven. Still, it’s fun to play around with different ingredients for a change such as this delicious Cadbury Tart recipe. That means instead of regular pineapple filling, this recipe substitutes them with the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate pieces (you can get them right here). Watch the full recipe video below. (Video Credit: Dapur A.B.M)

7) Green Apple Tart

Here’s another variation of Raya tarts that you can bake at home. The filling? Green apple or otherwise known as Granny Smith, which will be chopped into small pieces before being blended into a puree form. A spoonful drop of green colouring is added too, giving the tarts that distinct colour upon completion. And here’s the fun part: You can roll the green apple-filled dough into cute little balls or apple-like shapes if possible. To complete the green apple look, each rolled dough is topped with bunga cengkih (clove stems). Check out the full recipe video below. (Video credit: INTAN DAPUR SYAFIQA HAYRA)

8) Cheese Cadbury Biscuit

More Cadbury-inspired Raya treats? Yes, please! This recipe uses the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate pieces served as toppings on the rectangle-sized buttery dough prior to baking them at 140°C for 10 minutes. Give them a try by watching the full recipe video below! (Video credit: Buat Orang Lapo)

9) Biscoff Butter Cookies

Butter cookies are no doubt a classic choice. But instead of a pure butter flavour, why not mix the ingredients with a few spoonfuls of Lotus Biscoff spread? Coupled with some Lotus Biscoff cookie crumbles, this helps give your cookies a nice, crunchy texture. Here’s the full recipe video below. (Video credit: Buat Orang Lapo)

10) Orange Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies themselves are irresistible enough. But here’s something different you can try this year. And that is adding the ingredients with some grated orange peels, orange juice and a tiny drop of orange colouring. This gives your otherwise typical chocolate cookies a refreshingly rich and zesty flavour upon each bite. Yummy, indeed and here’s the full recipe video below. (Video credit: Dapur Kak Lis)

11) Crunchy Eggless Pistachio Cookies

Those who love nuts might want to give this recipe a try. And they are eggless too! This recipe incorporates main ingredients like unshelled baked pistachios, cornflakes, salted butter and icing sugar. Melted white and dark chocolate are added too for dipping and piping respectively. Watch the full recipe video below. (Video credit: The Buttery Bites)

12) Milky Cashew Nut Cookies

Looking for another nutty Raya cookie twist? Here’s another for you worth checking out: the Milky Cashew Nut Cookies. Powdered milk is added for an extra boost of flavour on top of roasted unsalted cashew nuts and other ingredients. Watch the full recipe video below. (Video credit: El Mundo Eats)

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