Doc2Us Implements Blockchain Technology in Malaysia

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We first introduced Doc2Us a while back (link) as a healthcare app that allows you to access doctors easily. Since then, they have continued to expand and further develop their technology to improve its services. When people mention the term ‘blockchain’, the first thing that often comes to people’s mind is cryptocurrency or digital currency. However, the blockchain technology revolutionises not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. Doc2Us recognises this advantage and is the first healthcare app in Malaysia to implement this technology.

About Doc2Us Mobile App

They are a mobile application which provides a platform for users and patients to connect and chat with healthcare providers via real-time text chat services. It is akin to WhatsApp services for users to chat with doctors in a more medically inclined platform. While we live in a modern and fast-paced era, many people lack the access to reliable healthcare providers. Hence, they started this app Doc2Us to allow more people to connect to healthcare providers at anytime and from anywhere via mobile application.

Image credit: Doc2Us

Doc2Us Improved Services and Products 

They started with text based chatting services in which users or patients are empowered to connect and chat with healthcare providers. Subsequently, they branched out to be a telemedicine solution provider for strategic business entities such as hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

They also ventured into Medical Concierge services in which they customised a special system called MediConcierge for Raffles Medical Group in Singapore. This system allows passengers to connect and video call the on call nurse for general enquiry and triage of their conditions.

In addition, they also designed a robust telemedicine kiosk for partnered pharmacies (about 70 outlets in Malaysia) providing a virtual doctor and medical services in every outlet. This enables a better support for the frontline pharmacists when dealing with complex medical cases or needing second opinion. This value added service helps to bridge the gap between doctor and pharmacist as well as patient and doctor.

Furthermore, they are also scheduled to roll out electronic laboratory request and review system in the next few weeks. This allows doctors to order and request blood tests for patients and review the results few days later via the App.


Utilizing the Blockchain Technology

Doc2Us empowers users to take care of their own health through Biodata, which allows users to update their medical history and vital signs like blood pressure, temperature etc. This data is highly secure with their newly developed private and permission-ed blockchain technology. Patients can choose to authorize parties to have access (read, write or either) to their health record. Their Blockchain system allows data to be shared securely across different organizations such as clinics, hospitals, laboratories and more. The system will provide the full audit trail and logs for any data changed with detailed information, including the time of the events and the users who made the changes.

“It solves the challenges to share health data with different parties for different purposes while ensuring data integrity and privacy preservation. With decentralized technology, it also brings high reliability, security and transparency to the conventional electronics health record technology.” said Mr. Tan Aik Keong, CTO of Doc2Us

This data will enable doctors to know patients better, personalizing care for each individual patient. Furthermore, to further enhance the security of the system each user comes with one unique QR code for the purpose of identification and verification.

Image credit: Doc2Us

Revolutionising Healthcare At Your Fingertips

The main purpose of this migration of health data to blockchain hyper ledger is to ensure data security and integrity. Their secure universal integrated system allows biodata and health data of each individual to be deeply integrated within the system and his/her mobile application. They envision to improve health and wellbeing of all mankind via innovative healthcare technology.  In the next 5 years they aim to create a more inclusive, accessible, cost-effective and sustainable healthcare ecosystem and business model particularly in primary healthcare level.

“At Doc2Us we envision to improve health and wellbeing of all mankind via what we do best – innovative healthcare technology. To do so there are many more projects and initiatives in our blueprint needed to be executed well and right. In the next 5 years we aim to create a more inclusive, accessible, cost-effective and sustainable healthcare ecosystem and business model particularly in primary healthcare level. Wellness promotion, preventive and predictive medicine are very much what we will be focusing on for the next 3 years leveraging on the cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology and Data analytics. Telemedicine though may seem like just one of the many puzzles in the bigger picture, I personally believe that it is one of the key bridges to a sustainable and value based healthcare model. Hence we will continue to develop and enhance our current telemedicine platform into a better solution to all end users.” said Dr. Raymond Choy, Co-founder and CEO of Doc2Us

“The principal rule of thumb in healthcare industry is Do No Harm to our patients.

It is very important to stay true to your vision especially when you are going nowhere in your journey.

One of my favourite quotes is “Dare to Dream and Dare to Fail”. Failure is almost inevitably a guarantee in any startup, what matters most is Perseverance.”

– Dr Raymond Choy, Co-Founder of Doc2Us

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