10 Benefits Of Having Small Eyes

We often hear compliments for people with big eyes – how beautiful and charming they are. While it has always been the people with big eyes who get the limelight, we are here to say that small eyes rock too! Simply because of these 10 cool benefits.

Before we continue, play this video to see what our friends from Grim Film think about having small eyes!

And now, here are 10 benefits of having small eyes!

1) People can’t tell who/what we are looking at

It is almost like a gifted talent that people with small eyes can look at whoever or whatever they want, secretly. And yet people can’t tell what they are looking at.

small eyes
Image Credit: stepfeed.com


2) We can fall asleep and people won’t be able to tell

Since it is hard to differentiate whether we are opening or closing our eyes, we have the privilege to fall asleep in the class without getting caugh

small eyes
Image Credit: Quickmeme


3) We have a better poker face

Some say eyes are window to the soul. Small eyes – a smaller window, hence reveals lesser emotions. This makes it harder for people to read us.

small eyes
Image Credit: tumblr.com


4) We look cool

People with small eyes are cool and calm because they just do not know how to look surprise.

small eyes
Image Credit: tumblr.com


5) We look good in glasses

With small eyes, we have the advantage of being able to carry different types of frames and look good – as long as the frames are bigger than our eyes, which they usually are.

small eyes
Image Credit: From Head To Toe


6) Eye tiredness hardly show on us

Unlike the big eyes, eye tiredness or heavy eyes hardly show on us. Eye-bag? what’s that?

small eyes
Image Credit: weheartit.com


7) We have a really cute smile

Just like cartoon, when we smile, we look really cute. Nuff said.

small eyes
Image Credit: fanpop.com


8) It not difficult to draw us

Few lines are all you need.

small eyes
Image Credit: grazia.it


9) We have a deadly weapon – the side-eyeing technic

When we are not in a mood and can’t be bothered, just a simple “side-eye” will do.

small eyes
Image Credit: yahoo.com


10) Small eyes is the trend now!

Look at him.

small eyes
Image Credit: DramaFever

Big eyes, you are outdated. Small eyes rock! Who else’s on our side?