Are Flood-Resistant Motorbikes Possible? These Two Brothers Prove It Is

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Malaysia occasionally faces heavy storms during the monsoon season which can lead to flash floods. During these flash floods many vehicles are unable to drive on the road. It’s even worse for motorcyclist who are stuck and have to endure the cold waters. However, these two brilliant brothers have made the dream of flood-resistant motorbikes a reality!

Flood-resistant motorbikes
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Yup! These two brothers from Terengannu are enthusiastic about automotive engineering and bikes in general. Despite their lack of training, the two successfully modified their motorbikes.

While it might have taken a few attempts that were met with failure, the brothers finally did it. Within just two hours they can modify any motorbike to be able to ride in flooding conditions.

Furthermore, even if the waters become deep the rider can still move through at a decent speed.

Flood-resistant motorbike
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So how does this work? Firstly, they disassemble the bike into its different parts. They then use a water bottle as a tank for the fuel. The best part is that it hangs from the motorbike the way an IV drip does.

Moving on, they take the different parts such as the carburetor, exhaust, and engine vents. Various modifications are made to these parts to enable their function whilst underwater. They then reassemble the motorbike into its new look.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Take a look for yourself!

Pretty cool right?

The duo have worked with different mechanics to learn their trade and skills on working with bikes. Now they own their own workshop in Kampung Banggol, Setiu.

Initially the flood-resistant motorbikes were meant for them to be able to go fishing during the monsoon season. After garnering lots of positive reactions on their Facebook post, the pair are keen on helping others during floods. It’s amazing work!