KraveBeauty Now Ships To Malaysia And Helps You Reset Your Routine

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It can sometimes be pretty overwhelming to find products that work well for our skins. There are so many options and skincare routines being suggested to us from all directions. With so many suggestions and voices in our heads, how do we know what’s right or best for us? Well, KraveBeauty is here to help you press reset on your skincare routine.

What’s KraveBeauty?

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KraveBeauty is a brand that was started Liah Yoo, a beauty influencer who focuses her content around skincare. Over 800k people subscribe to her YouTube channel where she shares her skincare tips based on her own journey. She also has experience in the beauty industry through her work experience in AmorePacific.

Being in the beauty industry led her to realise that a lot of us are overwhelmed when it comes to taking care of our skin. Feeling like something wasn’t right with the way the industry worked, she decided to start her own brand.

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Liah knows that many of us simply put on products we are told to be good instead of listening to what our skin wants. That’s why she created KraveBeauty, to help you reset your skincare routine and give your skin what it actually craves.

Her brand strives to be different from other brands in a few ways. In fact, the brands vision is to turn the beauty industry into a place that actually cares about our skin instead of just profits.

What do they Have?

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For now the brand only has about four items available on their shop which includes a serum, exfoliator, and sunblock. The purpose of these products is to help your skin reach maximum potential.

They claim that all the products are non-irritating, non-sensitising, and fragrance-free. You will also find lots of antioxidants and nutrients in their best form. Products are also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free!

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Finally! The brand is officially shipping to Malaysia and Singapore! I think it’s really exciting to have a brand be so transparent about their intentions. Everything they say makes you feel empowered as a consumer. The products are made to complement you not tire you out.

Now that they ship to us, we have the opportunity to finally press reset on our own skincare routines. You can check out their website here. Happy shopping!