7 Reasons Why Your Skin Itches After A Shower

Taking a shower or bath is supposed to be a normal daily routine for all people regardless of age or gender. But there are times your skin can get a little itchy, or in a worst-case scenario, suffer from excessive or persistent itchiness for long hours. Here are the 7 Reasons Why Your Skin Itches After A Shower.

1) You are Using Chemical-Heavy Soap

Given the fact that taking a bath or shower uses a combination of running water and soap, most of us would think that it’s a perfectly harmless thing to do. And yet, you are one of those unlucky people who get itchy skin after showering or bathing.

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Hate to break it to you, but using the wrong soap can really trigger itchy skin. The thing is, most soaps regardless of bar soaps or shower gels that are available in pharmacies, supermarkets and grocery stores contain lots of chemicals. Common ingredients such as fragrances/perfumes, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and paraben can cause the likes of itching and rashes, particularly if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to one of the aforementioned ingredients. Even improper shower/bathing habits where you fail to wash away all soap residue on your body thoroughly can trigger itchy skin as well. So, make it a habit to read labels before purchasing any soap or shower gel. Your best bet is to look for mild, unscented and/or hypoallergenic soap products or something that is made specifically for your respective skin type.

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2) You Like To Take Hot Showers

Imagine this: you are finally back home after 12 long hours of work in the office and all you have in mind is to pamper yourself in a hot shower. Besides, you may have heard about the benefits of taking hot showers such as its ability to promote relaxation and easing your tense muscles. But hot showers have their fair share of disadvantages too! The heat from the water can strip off all the natural oils from your body and in turn, it can cause inflammation and skin irritations such as itching. So, if you are prone to itchy skin, consider reducing hot shower routines and take short, lukewarm showers/baths instead.

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3) Your Skin Is Very Dry

If you are suffering from dry skin, rubbing soap or lathering shower gel that contain harsh chemicals can potentially aggravate your skin and cause itching. Instead, choose a soap or shower gel that is created specifically for dry skin or one with moisturising properties.

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4) You Scrub Your Body Vigorously

Thinking that scrubbing your body excessively with a shower brush, sponge or loofah can get rid all the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your skin? Well, think again. Vigorous scrubbing actually does more harm than good since it only irritates the skin and causes itching after showering or bathing. Be gentle and your body would thank you for it.

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5) You Love To Rub Your Body Dry With A Towel

Did you know that drying your skin by rubbing the towel vigorously all over the body can cause itchiness? This is one of the most common mistakes that people often make when comes to towel-drying. So, stop rubbing and gently pat your body dry instead. Also, make sure the towel that you use is soft enough to the skin.

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6) You Love To Wash Your Body With Too Much Soap Or Lather

Sometimes too much of everything isn’t a good idea and this particularly rings true with excessive use of soap or shower gel. Some of you might be thinking: the more soap or lather foamed on the skin, the cleaner your body would get. Well, the truth is, doing so can only further extract the natural oils of your skin — a result which will lead to itching.

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7) You Have Skin Allergies Or Other Related Disorders

If you have any skin disorder or are prone to certain allergic reactions, chances are, you’ll get itchy skin more often. This includes skin-causing problems like aquagenic pruritus (water-related itching), cholinergic urticaria (a type of hives caused by increasing body temperature) and polycythemia vera (a bone marrow disease caused by overproduced red blood cells). In order to determine the exact cause of your post-shower/bath body itch, it’s best to make an appointment with your local physician or dermatologist.

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