Show Your Love For X-Men With dUCk Cosmetics New Inspired Line

If you are a huge fan of X-Men and makeup then boy do we have some great news for you! Local cosmetics brand dUCk cosmetics is launching a new line completely inspired by X-Men Dark Phoenix.

Yeah that’s right! dUCk Cosmetics is collaborating with 20th Century Fox to bring you a limited edition line. All the makeup products take inspiration from Dark Phoenix, the latest X-Men movie. The collection is titled as ‘Rise of the dUCk Collection’.

dUCk Cosmetics founder Vivy Yusof posted on her Instagram regarding the new launch. She said “to be involved in such an epic collaboration involving a franchise that’s a household name globally is just, EPIC.”

The rise of the dUCk collection features 2 beautiful eyeshadow palettes and 4 stunning lipsticks.



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Inspiration for the 2 eyeshadow palettes come from Jean Grey (Ashes) and Dark Phoenix (Ember). Which is why you can see that the Ashes palette has more natural toned shades and that signature X-Men blue.

Meanwhile, the Ember palette features fiery toned shades that represent the Dark Phoenix. Both palettes have a nice mix between matte, shimmer, and duo-chromatic crystallised shades.

Also, if you line up the two different palettes together, you get a beautifully designed silhouette of Jean Grey.

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Furthermore, the 4 lipsticks that are part of the collection feature beautiful deep earthy tones. It is also full of Vitamin E that promote a hydrating effect so that your lips won’t dry up. The four colours are Madame, Perfection, Flare, and Spark.

Madame is more of a deep maroon while Perfection leans more towards a fuchsia. On the other hand Flare takes a more brown-ish appearance while Spark is a warm nude colour.

The collection is now available at Sephora and soon will be in dUCk stores. Keep your eyes peeled out for this collection. I’m sure that even if you are not an X-Men fan, that you will still find this collection to be pretty. You can check out the pictures of the collection here.