8 Traditional Dessert Places in Singapore To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

8 Traditional Dessert Places in Singapore To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

The familiar phrase “classic never goes out of style” isn’t just applicable to fashion but to other things like dessert as well. More specifically, traditional desserts in the form of tong sui such as red bean paste, sesame paste and chendol, just to name a few. Here are 8 Traditional Dessert Places in Singapore To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

1) Yat Ka Yan Dessert

This family-owned dessert shop, located on the second floor of Fortune Centre serves homemade goodness of traditional desserts and snacks. For the former, they have choices of hot and cold varieties, covering the likes of signature Walnut/Sesame Paste, Almond Cream and Red Bean Lotus. Their bestselling chendol comes highly recommended too — a treasure trove of pandan strands, sweet red beans, coconut milk and Gula Melaka all over the small mountain of shaved ice. They even have other variations of chendols that include durian or yam.

Address: 190 Middle Rd, #02-08, Fortune Centre, Singapore

Yat Ka Yan Dessert
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2) 75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup

75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup has been around for decades since 1947. They are famous for their old-school tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) soup, all traditionally made by hand and cooked fresh in-store. They offer different kinds of fillings like peanut, yam, sesame and even matcha. And when it comes to the soup base, you have a choice of Ginger Soup, Peanut Soup, Longan Red Date Soup, or Almond Milk Soup.


(Golden Mile Food Centre) #01-75 Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Rd, Singapore 199583

(Bedok) Blk 85, Bedok North Street 4, Fengshan Market & Food Centre #01-25, Singapore

(Chinatown) 335 Smith Street, Chinatown Complex Food Centre, #02-113, Singapore

75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup
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3) Wan Mei Dessert

Wan Mei Dessert serves Taiwanese-style snow ice, where you can choose your preferred flavour (e.g. Chocolate, Hokkaido Milk), syrup (e.g. Gula Melaka, mango) and three toppings (e.g. attap seed, earl grey jelly & pandan sago). Snow ice aside, they offer traditional hot Chinese desserts as well, with classic options like Orh Nee (yam paste with sweet potato & ginkgo nuts), Cheng Tng and Sweet Potato in Ginger Soup. Most customers particularly praise their Orh Nee the most — smooth, creamy and fragrant with the right amount of sweetness.

Address: 11 E Coast Rd, #01-14, The Odeon, Singapore

Wan Mei Dessert
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4) Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert is famous for its Cantonese-style sweet treats, covering cold and hot varieties. Among their recommended signature choices include Mango with Pomelo Sago, Yam Paste, Cheng Tng, Dried Beancurd with Ginkgo & Barley, and Sesame Paste. They have several outlets available islandwide, namely Chinatown and Liang Seah Street.

Address: Click here

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert
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5) Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert

Choices are aplenty at Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert. And they have over 100 of them to choose from! They offer hot and cold varieties and if you are looking for some recommendations, among them include the Hong Kong-style Chrysanthemum Double Layered Milk Pudding and Peach Gum with Milk. They also serve classic Red Bean Paste, where you can go for an added topping of Sesame Rice Ball or Peanut Rice Ball.

Address: 66 East Coast Road, #01-03 Singapore 428778

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert
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6) Thong Sum Hot & Cold Desserts

Here is another stall in Golden Mile Centre that has been selling good old-fashioned Chinese desserts since 2017. They insist on slow-cooking their tong sui traditionally by using clay pots over a charcoal fire. Menu-wise, do try their warm and comforting Cantonese-style Red Bean Soup, complete with soft red beans and lotus seeds. They also sell other dessert like classic Bobo Cha Cha and Sweet Barley & Gingko Nut Soup, which taste just as good.

Address: 505 Beach Road #01-83 Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583

Thong Sum Hot & Cold Desserts
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7) Original Herbal Shop 正宗凉茶馆

Looking to cool down with a bowl of refreshing gui ling gao (Chinese herbal jelly)? Here’s one for you at Balestier Road called Original Herbal Shop. Their gui ling gao are all prepared in-house and most customers who have tried them love their authentic taste. They have three choices here including Original, Pearl, and Menthol. Other than gui ling gao, they also serve cold desserts like Longan Stew Papaya with Rock Sugar and Snow Frog Stew with Red Dates & Ginkgo Nut.

Address: 414 Balestier Road, Singapore 329806

Original Herbal Shop
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8) Xi Le Ting 喜乐亭

If you happen to drop by at Commonwealth Crescent Market & Food Centre, there’s a little stall Xi Le Ting that sells Chinese desserts. Nothing fancy, just good old-fashioned tong sui that are deliciously homemade and super affordable too. You will find only four types of desserts available here and all of them come highly recommended. This includes Red Bean, Mung Bean, Cheng Tng, and Sweet Wheat Porridge served in a ceramic bowl. Expect generous ingredients and best of all, they are not overly sweet.

Address: 31 Commonwealth Cres, #02-70, Singapore

Xi Le Ting
Image Credit: @mightyfoodie

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