8 Gelato/Ice Cream Places in Singapore Worth Indulging

8 Gelato/Ice Cream Places in Singapore Worth Indulging

Singapore’s all-year-round hot and humid weather can be a real nuisance. Other than retreating to an air-conditioned mall or beating the heat with some cooling beverages, enjoying a scoop or two of gelato or ice cream is the next best thing. While the island city has plenty of them, we have narrowed them with our handcrafted handpicked list of 8 Gelato/Ice Cream Places in Singapore Worth Indulging.

1) Momolato

Here is where you can enjoy your favourite gelato minus the guilt, thanks to its keto-friendly ingredients. And it’s halal-certified too, while all of Momolato’s keto gelato range contains no added sugar or even honey. Some of the tasty choices available include Cookies & Cream, Korean Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl and Avocado Chocolate, just to name a few. Momolato also offers fruit-based gelatos that are dairy-free, making them suitable for lactose intolerance. Try their refreshing Watermelon Soursop, which turns out to be one of Momolato’s bestsellers. How about the low-fat tropical goodness of Himalayan Osmanthus Mango Passionfruit? Or indulge their creamy Maoshanwang Durian? You can locate their cafe at 34 Haji Lane.

Address: 34 Haji Lane, Singapore 189227

Image Credit: @plantbased_lifestyle20

2) Birds Of Paradise

Ever tasted botanically-inspired gelato flavours? White Chrysanthemum and Strawberry Basil are some of the unique infusions here, all lovingly handcrafted using premium and botanical ingredients. For a complete experience, consider enjoying their gelato (available in single or double scoops) on a homemade waffle cone scented with aromatic thyme. Birds of Paradise has three outlets available at Katong, Jewel Changi Airport, and Craig.

Address: Click here

Birds of Paradise
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3) The Better Scoop

The Better Scoop isn’t just a gimmick. They make their ice creams in small batches to preserve quality and freshness using only real ingredients. That means no synthetic or the usual nasties. Just honest-to-goodness ice creams that taste delightfully smooth and creamy. Flavour choices are aplenty here, covering the likes of Earl Grey Lavender, Chrysanthemum Goji Berries and Salted Caramel Gula Melaka. To date, they have two outlets in Serangoon Central and Jalan Legundi.


(Serangoon Central) 264 Serangoon Central, #01-203, Singapore

(Jalan Legundi) 8, Jalan Legundi, #01-08, Singapore

The Better Scoop
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4) The Humble Scoop

Beyond the nostalgic Katong Shopping Centre and specifically the basement area lies a cosy ice cream parlour called The Humble Scoop. They serve homemade ice cream and what’s unique about them is their locally-inspired flavours. For instance, there’s Muah Chee — a combination of roasted sesame and peanut ice cream sprinkled with crunchy peanut bits. Others like Orh-Bee-Good (Pulut Hitam) and Orh Haw! (Hawthorn Berry) bring back the good old memories in the form of ice creams.

Address: 865 Mountbatten Rd, Katong Shopping Centre, #B1-92, Singapore 437844

The Humble Scoop
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5) Lickers

Lickers make sure what you’ll get here is a lick-a-licious ice cream completely free of the typical nasties, as in artificial flavourings, preservatives and such. They even make their ice creams in small batches and flavour availability include Dark Chocolate, Maple Butter Hazelnut and Honey Comb. Durian lovers, in the meantime, can look forward to Mao Shan Wang made from fresh durian puree.

Address: 124 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1446, Singapore 530124

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6) Fatcat Ice Cream Bar

Fatcat doesn’t skimp on quality when comes to their ice creams. All handcrafted goodness right from scratch, complete with the best ingredients possible. They offer plenty of flavours here no matter classic, local or seasonal varieties on a rotation basis. Among them include Thai Milk Tea, Caramelised Banana and even the Harry Potter-inspired Butter Beer. You can enjoy them in a scoop or cup form or better yet, pair your favourite ice cream(s) on a charcoal or brown butter waffle.

Address: 416 Bedok North Ave 2, #01-25, Singapore 460416

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar
Image Credit: @iris.nihao

7) Tom’s Palette

Did you know that Tom’s Palette has come up with over 190 flavours since its establishment in 2005? From classic to unique creations, this popular ice cream parlour does them all. Depending on availability, they have Matcha, Salted Caramel Cheesecake, White Chocolate Nori and even Salted Egg Yolk. Those who prefer their ice cream with an alcoholic twist can look out for Tiramisu and Rum & Raisin.

Address: 51 Middle Road #01-01, Singapore 188959

Tom's Palette
Image Credit: @nikolai_eats

8) Merely Ice Cream

Merely has been around since 2012 and their longevity lies in its quality ingredients that go into their ice creams, making them in small batches. You will find lots of flavours here but if you need some recommendations, try some of their bestsellers, namely Salted Butterscotch and Valrhona Chocolate. Love Milo? They have it too in the form of Milo Fudge Cake, which combines Milo-based ice cream and homemade fudge cake. Prefer alcohol-spiked ice creams instead? Baileys Coffee and Chocolate Stout might satisfy your craving here.

Address: 91 Bencoolen St, #01-13, Singapore 189652

Merely Ice Cream
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