Items Can No Longer Be Misplaced By Playing The Game of TAG

Image credit: TAG La

The sentence “Walao eh, I’m getting/feeling old.” often slips our tongue when sometimes we forget to perform a task which may be of significance to us. Truth be told, it is not our memory or age failing us, but the mere fact that we are so caught up with our busy lifestyles that our brains simply cannot keep up with the endless to do list. For all of us who are guilty at frequently misplacing our items, these two entrepreneurs have come up with an ideal solution which will help you from feeling like you have dementia and it is called TAG La™.

Just TAG it La

TAG La™ is a Malaysian-born company with a passion for interactive technology and developing convenient gadgets for everyday life. This past year, they have released a revolutionary solution to finding missing items: the TAG La™ Bluetooth Tracker. Designed to help people keep track of important items that are easy to lose, such as phones, keys, and iPads, TAG La™ is a tiny, versatile and lightweight tracker that can alert the user to the location of any item through sound or light. Main features of the is TAG La™ Bluetooth Tracker are:

  • Prevent misplacing items
  • Serves as a reminder for your essential items
  • Track lost items to its location
  • A remote for candid photograph

More details in next paragraph.

Image credit: TAG La
Image credit: TAG La

TAGging The Star Product

TAG La™ is a Bluetooth tracker that can help you find anything at anytime and any place. It works pretty simple, just pair the TAG La™ with your phone application and you’re ready to go. If you want to find your keys or wallet, just attach a TAG La™ on your keys or slide it in your wallet, when you need to find them, just ring it with your phone!

Fret not if you can’t find your phone because it is on silent mode. Now, you can use TAG La™ to ring your phone. If you ever forget to take your wallet while you are in a hurry, not to worry! Your phone will remind you once the Bluetooth is disconnected!

You will never lose anything without noticing now. Even if you drop something, the application will automatically mark your lost location too. So you still can trace it back where your item is! Another cool feature of TAG La™ is that you can use it as a remote to take awesome candid photograph!

Image credit: TAG La
Image credit: TAG La

Getting To Know The Taggers

TAG La™ first started up in December 2015 with 2 passionate co-founders (Edison Lim & Max Chua) while in their home office for their previous business. Both of them are business partners of an artist management company which started a year ago before founding TAG La™.

Upon introducing the product, they realized that the market had a huge demand for it. They needed more support from a software engineer since both of them do not have any knowledge of software development. So then they found another team player (Alan Lee), a passionate software developer.

They are exactly the type of people who always misplaced their items and had to look for solution for their own problem, that’s when TAG La™ was born, a device which is able to help them as well as others’. This revolutionary product will help every individual to save time and focus on the things that truly matters.

Image credit: TAG La
Image credit: TAG La

Letting the TAGs Do Their Work

At this moment their main markets are students & the middle class, as they are the population who seems to be always on the run and misplacing things. Besides that, they love to purchase it for their parents who always seem to be losing their items! Their focus is on the Malaysia market right now, but they have customers across Southeast Asia, and are expecting to expand it to these countries in near future. They hope to create worry free life without by eliminating the stress and frustration when something is lost. You can now save time looking for a misplaced item and focus on more important matters.

Image credit: TAG La
Image credit: TAG La

Our philosophy is simple, if you’re able to imagine it, you are able to make it happen. We started from imagination too, and here we are, everything happened just like our imagination.

— Founders of TAG La

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