8 Things Malaysians Always Complain About

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Malaysians often have a habit of complaining, even over the most trivial of matters. Every ‘yum cha’ session would definitely contain at least one complaint in the conversation. Here are 8 things that Malaysians always seem to complain about.

1) Where is my food?

Food is one of the most important things to all Malaysians. We do not tolerate any delay in our food being served. Especially when the tummy is already starting to grumble, it is common to hear complaint such as “Why is my food taking so long?”, followed by “Call your manager come, I want to complain.”

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2) Why you drive so slow?!

Malaysians always seem to be irked by drivers who are super slow and will complain that they should move faster. And we would grumble “you think your father owns the road ah?”.

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3) Why no parking?

Unless we are fortunate enough to be the early ones in the mall, it is likely that finding for a parking will become a hassle, especially in the bigger malls. Therefore, finding for a parking spot can take a while especially on weekends.

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4) Why the weather so hot?!

Weather is a typical conversation starter and in Malaysia, it is no doubt something we always complain about. Now with the hazy situation, being outdoors can be quite inconvenient. Hence, the typical thing we will complain about daily without fail, is “WHY IS IT SO HOT?!”

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5) Why everything so expensive?

With the higher cost of living nowadays, it is only normal that we will complain that all goods and services are much more expensive to pay for, and our wallets are definitely feeling much lighter.

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6) Why so jam?

This is a complain every Malaysian would make every single day, in the morning and evening. Especially for those who work in the city.

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7) Why so late?

We are often the first to complain when someone or something is late, for instance: our friends, or even the public transportation. However, when we are the ones who are late, the jam would be the first thing we blame it on. 😛

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8) Why Internet so slow?

Slow Internet connection has always been a major frustration for Malaysians. With the speed of our internet connection slower than our neighboring countries, it is no doubt why this is one of the top complaints all Malaysians would have.

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