Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Johor

Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Johor
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No matter you are looking for a meatless Asian or Western cuisine, you can plenty of them available around the Johor area. From old-school and contemporary-style restaurants, here are the Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Johor that comes highly recommended.

1) Friends & Fig

Friends & Fig

Friends & Fig prides itself in promoting healthy vegetarian foods and 100% cold-pressed juices using only quality ingredients. Their menu consists of plant-based dishes, namely Tempeh Bowl and Cauli Bowl served with assorted veggies. You can customise your own bowl too, with five choices (base, sides, toppings, prime and homemade dressing) to choose from. Fans of Korean condiments, in the meantime, can purchase their jar of Kombucha Vegan Kimchi that complements well with ramen soup and other recipes. | FB: Friendsandfig | IG: @friends_and_fig

2) Loving Hut Cafe (JB Outlet)

Loving Hut Cafe (JB Outlet)

This Taipei-based Loving Hut, which started in 2008, has operated over 40 branches around the world including the US, China, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. They serve affordably-priced vegan cuisines using only fresh and wholesome ingredients with no MSG whatsoever. Among the healthy dishes that you can find on their menu include vegetarian stew rice, soup and wholegrains fried rice. | FB: LovingHutJB | IG: @lovinghutjb

3) Life Ricette

Life Ricette

Dedicated to promoting healthy green foods for all ages, Life Ricette offers a wide range of vegan-based foods. One of their must-try dishes including the signature Oat Noodle served with monkey mushroom and a sauce of your choice (sweet & sour, Kyoto grapes or classic three-cup style). They also serve assorted vegan rice and a la carte dishes like Fried Spicy Sweet Bean & Potato, Eggplant Three Cup Sauce and Stuffed Bean Curd. Can’t make it to the restaurant? Not to worry, though as Life Ricette provides delivery services to selected Johor locations. Find out more on their website below. | FB: greenfoodchain

4) New Joy Deli (新享一享素食馆)

New Joy Deli (新享一享素食馆)

Located at Taman Daya, New Joy Deli is a family-friendly vegetarian restaurant serving different types of healthy Chinese dishes. This includes their signature claypot bak kut teh, taro rice and Hakka thunder tea rice (lei cha). You can find comfort foods like fried rice and noodles as well.

FB: New-Joy-Deli-新-享一享-素食馆

5) LIFÉ Cafe


LIFÉ Cafe specialises in contemporary-style meatless dishes regardless of brunch or dinner. Start off with their homemade Mushroom Soup drizzled with truffle oil and a side serving of baguette. Alternatively, you can opt for one of their colourful salads. Moving onto their entrée, some of their must-try dishes including Mushroom Steak and Signature Braised Mushroom Rice. Other menu options include vegan poke bowls and linguine pasta dishes, with the latter served with the likes of creamy mushroom and tomato sauces. If you have room for more, complete your meal with one of their homemade charcoal waffles topped with ice cream. | FB: lifevcafe | IG: @lifeyijiandian

6) Noodleface A Meatless Cuisine

Noodleface A Meatless Cuisine

If you love noodles, here’s a vegetarian-friendly place you can try here. Their menu includes their signature Kamameshi Stone Pot dishes served with the likes of spicy black sauce, milk fragrance curry and kimchi. They also have sizzling dishes like Hokkien Noodle and Grilled Mushroom Noodle. For those who prefer rice dishes, try some of their healthy varieties like soybean paste tofu, spicy abalone mushroom or black pepper fried abalone mushroom. Not to forget their nasi lemak dishes served in coconut rice, burger or even with a savoury mushroom steak.

FB: Noodlefacemuar | IG: @noodleface.151001

7) Image Cooker

Image Cooker

Based in Taman Desa Tebrau, fans of vegetarian-style Western foods can look forward to some of the delectable offerings from Image Cooker. Using only fresh and quality ingredients, they have burger varieties served with the likes of tofu and mushroom patties. Then, there’s the hearty potato pizza with different kinds of toppings, namely mushroom and seaweed. They include rice dishes on their menu too, where you can find different styles like bibimbap, tomato and mushroom curry.

FB: ImageCookerJB

8) Yi Sin Vegetarian Restaurant (怡沁园素食馆)

Yi Sin Vegetarian Restaurant (怡沁园素食馆)

Yi Sin Vegetarian Restaurant covers all-day menu no matter you are here for lunch, dinner or even supper. Expect varieties of wholesome vegetarian dishes from rice to meatless a la carte dishes and soups. The restaurant is also famous for its Hakka thunder tea rice served in the utmost traditional and authentic way possible.

FB: restaurantyisin | IG: @yisinvegecaferestaurant

9) Fulin Xuan Vegetarian

Fulin Xuan Vegetarian

Fancy for some wholesome meat substitutes that are both healthy and delicious? Here, Fulin Xuan Vegetarian Restaurant specialises in different kinds of mock meats ranging from chicken to fish and pork. For the mock fish alone, you can find different cooking styles like steam with minced ginger, claypot curry or asam varieties. Also, a great and cosy place to dine with your family.

FB: Fulin-Xuan-Vegetarian-Food-Restaurant-福临轩素食餐厅

10) Merryland Vegetarian Restaurant

Merryland Vegetarian Restaurant

Merryland Vegetarian Restaurant has been around for over a decade, serving all kinds of healthy dishes ranging from mock meats to assorted vegetables. They are reasonably priced too and you can find their restaurant at Jalan Bakawali 48 in Johor Jaya. Merryland Vegetarian Restaurant open daily except on Tuesdays during lunch (11.30 am to 3.30 pm) and dinner (6.00 pm to 8.30 pm) hours.

FB: Merrylandvegetarianfoodrestaurant

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