15 Types of Female Friends We All Have

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We all have that bunch of female friends who stick to each other and hang out together. Each of them has her own unique character and that is how the friendship becomes interesting. Here are 15 types of female friends we all have:

1) The Big Sister 

This friend is naturally the one who makes most of the calls or decisions for the gang. When something happen, the big sister will step up and take the leap for her friends.

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2) The Fighter and Protector

There will always be this friend who protects you from being taken advantage of. When you girls go to the club, she will be on full alert defending you from the hungry wolves.

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3) That Friend Who Laughs At Everything  

This friend never stops laughing. She laughs at every single thing and you’ll never get what she is laughing at.

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4) The Hyper Active Girl  

With the energy she has, this type of friend can turn a quiet club into a night you’ll never forget. She is so much fun (or too much fun), adventurous and loves to come up with crazy ideas.

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5) The Little Innocent Friend

We all have this super innocent and cute female friend. She thinks the world is beautiful and believes in all the crap anyone says.

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6) The Rational Girl

She’s probably the most logical girl in the gang. She is calm and reliable. She also listens out to you, analyses and gives you balanced advice for your love (or any) problems.

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7) The Phone & Selfie Addict

Your friendship with this kind of female friend revolves around the phone. She speaks to you more on WhatsApp than face-to-face. She will be the one who initiates a selfie or wefie with you (as a testimonial on FB or IG).

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8) The Emo One

The one who doesn’t have control over her tear glands. She will always be bitching about her partner, her life and everything else. At times she will also express her feelings on Facebook.

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9) The Boyfriend Comes First

She’s no doubt a very good friend (when she is single). But don’t rely on her too much when she has found a boyfriend or partner because you’ll not even get to see her shadow.

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10) The Gossip Queen

The one who talks about anything in the world and spreads news fast. Don’t trust her when she says “your secret is safe with me” but she makes a good candidate for tea session.

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11) The Fashionista  

There’ll be that one friend in your girl gang who just knows what to wear, how to make up and how to pose. This friend, however, wants to go shopping and spend money. Instagram is her life but she could be a major help when it comes to trends or dolling up.

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12) The Wild One

This is the girlfriend you can’t help but to close your eyes when men are around her because she is constantly throwing herself into playful situations. She becomes awake when good-looking men are in vicinity. She’s a ton of fun though.

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13) The I-Don’t-Give-a-Damn Bitch  

This is the girlfriend you call when you just wanna chill out and stone. There is never drama with her because she simply don’t give a sh*t about what’s happening to the world.

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14) The Independent Woman

Do you have a girlfriend who knows it all? This kind of friend is confident, smart and good at climbing the corporate ladder. She kicks the asses of men and doesn’t like to rely on them. Work is her everything meaning you will gradually see her lesser over time but sisterhood stays.

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15) The Motherly One

This girlfriend has such a beautiful caring aura about her. She has one kind heart and she cares for everything from family to environment. Speaking to her gives you a sense hope.

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