Top 10 Social Enterprises in Singapore

Top 10 Social Enterprises in Singapore
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Over the last few years, there have been increasing awareness related to social and environmental issues. And more businesses are joining the bandwagon, offering not only socially-conscious products but also helping the underprivileged with various methods such as monetary donations and employment opportunities. So, if you want to do your part to support a good cause, here are the Top 10 Social Enterprises in Singapore to check out below.

1) Wateroam


Wateroam specialises in water filtration systems made portable for everyone. Their products include ROAMfilter™ Plus and ROAMfilter™ Ultra, both of which are designed for communal uses regardless of emergency, disaster relief or rural needs. Given their primary motto of “Ending Prolonged Thirst”, Wateroam also prides itself in helping affected communities by providing clean water access as part of their mission statements. Since their inception in 2014, the three founders from Wateroam — Vincent Loka, David Pong and Lim Chong Tee — has assisted the likes of Indonesia Community Development and Lombok Earthquake Relief. | FB: wateroamsg | IG: @wateroam

2) Push Pull Give

Push Pull Give

At PushPullGive, they offer more than just fitness classes involving bodyweight workouts and functional training. The founders — Konrad Haedicke, Razif Yusoff and Herzy Hosini — also provide opportunities for underprivileged children and youths both locally and regionally. This includes creating employment and giving out fitness scholarships for marginalised young adults. Among the beneficiaries they have supported so far include Singapore’s Muhammadiyah Welfare Home and Cambodia’s EYC (Empowering Youth in Cambodia). | FB: pushpullgive | IG: @pushpullgive

3) Sonder Social

Sonder Social

The brainchild of three women (Sing-Suen Soon, Azi Fuad and Syafiqah Omar), Sonder Social’s main goal is to provide small social enterprises with a platform to sell their products. You can either purchase socially-conscious personal gifts or collection items. The latter comes in the form of curated gift boxes containing assorted products. Products are varied from artisanal soaps to upcycled tote bags and coconut coffee scrubs, depending on your chosen collections. Every purchase that you make, in turn, would help to provide employment to marginalised communities in the Asia-Pacific region. | FB: sondersocialco | IG: @sondersocial

4) Freedom Cups

Freedom Cups

Freedom Cups sells reusable menstrual cups for women in two sizes including Mini and Grande. Both of them are made from eco-friendly and medical-grade silicone materials at affordable prices. They also adopt the buy-one-give-one strategy, where every cup purchased by the customers will enable them to donate a cup to an underprivileged woman. Freedom Cups have since fulfilled their social mission all over the world including Singapore, Cambodia, India and Nigeria. | FB: freedomcupsdotorg | IG: @freedomcups

5) The Caffeine Experience

The Caffeine Experience

The Caffeine Experience isn’t just about serving good food and great coffees, where the latter is made in-house by their highly-experienced baristas. Also functioning as a social enterprise, they provide opportunities for ex-offenders looking for a fresh start. And that includes giving them long-term employment as well as other benefits like job training and counselling sessions. | FB: theofficialtce | IG: @theofficialtce

6) Seastainable Co.

Seastainable Co.

Seastainable Co.’s core business lies in promoting social awareness by encouraging Singaporeans to minimise single-use plastic and use sustainable zero-waste items. Their products include everything reusable like collapsible bowls/silicone cups, tote bags, metal straw sets and even paper coasters. And that is not all, as Seastainable Co. also pledges 50% of their profits to support marine conservation in Singapore and the Philippines. | FB: | IG:

7) The Social Space

The Social Space

The word “everything under one roof” certainly rings true for The Social Space, which features different types of businesses such as tea bar & cafe, nail salon, fair trade retail shop and florist. Other than offering socially-conscious products to the customers, they also provide employment opportunities to the disadvantaged and underprivileged individuals. | FB: | IG:

8) Crossings Cafe

Crossings Cafe

For Crossings Cafe, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune just to enjoy a gourmet meal. Which explains why they serve quality foods minus the hefty price tag. You can find delectable foods like handmade beef patty-based Franciscan Burger, Chilli Crab Spaghetti and Pan-Seared Barramundi on their menu. The cafe also pledges all of its profits towards charitable and social causes. They even offer employment to disadvantaged individuals and collaborate with various organisations to accept graduates and interns to work at the cafe as well. | FB: crossingscafe | IG: @crossingscafe

9) The Animal Project

The Animal Project

The name of this social enterprise says it all, as they primarily sell animal-themed lifestyle products ranging from bags and notebooks to vacuum flasks and keychains. Every sale allows the young artists behind the creations to earn a royalty fee. Apart from that, they also pledge at least 50% of their net profits to selected charitable causes as well as offering employment opportunities for those with special needs. | FB: theanimalprojectsg | IG: @theanimalprojectsg

10) Anothersole


Offering quality shoes for both kids and adults, Anothersole’s range of products are made suitable for every occasion regardless of work or leisure. Their shoes are travel-friendly as well, with a unique design that allows you to pack them flat and store in your luggage without occupying too much space. Where the customers get to experience footwear that is lightweight and comfortable, Anothersole pledges 10% of its profits to support underprivileged children through their #Buy1Feed1 programme. | FB: Anothersole | IG: @anothersolegirl

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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