Free Yourself From Limits With Celcom Xpax XP Lite™!

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Everyone is special in their own way. No two people are the same, and no two people take the exact same path. Therefore, it can be concluded there’s no such thing as “one plan fits all” in life. The same goes with mobile plans. Why follow a plan that’s not suitable for you when you can create and customise your plan according to your needs? That’s right, with XP Lite™, a postpaid plan brought to you by Celcom Xpax, you can do it your way!

Sign Up, Size Up, Stay On

Oftentimes, mobile plans are of a fixed price, but what’s included is not always the best for you. So stop living a limited life and use XP Lite™ instead! Sign up for a postpaid plan from only RM28/month, and get 1GB of internet and unlimited calls. If need be, you can size up for more internet, choosing from either a M pass or a L pass. Plus, enjoy unlimited internet with either pass via the Celcom Life app when you purchase the Ultra Hour Pass™, from only RM1. When you stay on for more than 6 months, get rewarded with free extra 1 GB Video Walla™ (M Pass) and free unlimited Internet with Ultra Hour Pass™ everyday (L Pass)! Best of all, you could even gear up with the latest gadgets when you sign up and size up with XP Lite™ (L Pass) – no time frame required! More details below:

Size Up with M Pass for an additional RM10/month

  • Monthly Internet: 5GB (1GB+4GB)
  • Free Video Walla™: 3GB
  • Total Internet: 8GB
  • Total Price: RM38/month (RM28 + RM10)

Size Up With L Pass for an additional RM30/month

  • Monthly Internet: 12GB (1GB+11GB)
  • Free Video Walla™: 3GB
  • Total Internet: 15GB
  • Total Price: RM58/month (RM28 + RM30)

Gear Up (XP Lite™ with L Pass)

Last but not least, you could get your hands on some of the latest gadgets when you sign up and size up for XP Lite™ with L Pass! That’s right, you could get your hands on free Oppo A1k phones, or get other smartphones at a cheaper price – the choice is yours!

Image Credit: Celcom Xpax

Freestyle It Up!

Life’s more fun when you are in control, and that’s what XP Lite™ is all about. Catered to your needs and usage, not only will the plan be flexible, but affordable as well. After all, why pay for things that you wouldn’t use? Once you’ve signed up, you can choose to size up for more internet if you require so, plus you will also get free unlimited internet everyday if you stay on for more than 6 months! Flexibility and rewards await you with XP Lite™, not to mention getting a free smartphone when you size up to a L Pass!

Image Credit: Celcom Xpax

Grab Your Grab Deals!

If you’re a frequent “Grabber”, we have more good news for you! Sign Up online now with the new XP Lite™ postpaid plan and Size Up to a L Pass to get a RM20 Grab voucher! If you’re thinking about the M Pass, no worries either, for M Pass users will get a RM5 Grab voucher as well! This Grab promo is an online exclusive, so make sure you sign up via Celcom Online Shop to enjoy this offer! So, Sign Up and Size Up to get your Grab rewards!

Image Credit: Celcom Xpax

Check It Out!

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