8 Reasons Why You Should Travel Without Planning

Mention the word “travel”, and the first thing most of us would do is plan, plan and plan. There is definitely nothing wrong with doing so. In fact, travelling with a plan is a common practice for most people. But why restrict yourself? There are times when we need to try something different. Something out of ordinary. Like forgetting to make a hotel booking before reaching the destination. Keep reading as we uncover why you should drop your plans and just travel without one.

1) It Gives You Flexibility

Does this sounds familiar to you? You plan ahead, do your online research on the place that you’re going to and then, list down an A-Z itinerary before you book your next trip. Make no mistake, planning ahead on travelling has its own benefits. But wouldn’t it be great to skip all the planning once in a while? That means to forget about all the itinerary. Because the whole idea here is to travel spontaneously.

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2) It Inspires You To Be Creative

A well-planned trip can be helpful. But don’t you think that sticking to plans on travelling from point A to point B sounds… mundane? If you travel without a plan, it makes you more creative. This is especially true if you travel to places outside of your comfort zone.

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3) It Offers You A Sense Of Adventure

Let’s face it, we only live once. Why stick to the plan when we can choose to do things differently? Make it an adventure instead. For instance, you could randomly book a place or follow a like-minded (and trusted) stranger to travel to places you might never think of.

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4) It Gives You An Element Of Surprise

Unless you are the kind of person who likes everything in order, you might want to try travelling without a plan for a change. Because here’s the thing: planning a trip means you already know what to expect. But if you choose the other way, you may end up visiting unlikely places and seeing things beyond your expectations. This is what we like to call an element of surprise.

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5) It Helps You To Be More Independent

Perhaps you plan all your trips to ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes everything from booking a hotel to finding out any restrictions on the country you’re going to. Now, you can put unplanned travel as a challenge to become more independent. By doing so, you also able to learn more things and handle various situations accordingly (so long you don’t end up doing something illegal).

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6) Say Goodbye To The Same Old Routine

Whether you are working or not, there is one thing that never changes: routine. It’s like you wake up every morning on weekdays, brush your teeth, have your breakfast, travel to your workplace and then head back home by evening or nighttime. By travelling without a plan, you are able to break free from your daily routine and explore things differently.

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7) You Get To Learn New Languages

Let’s say you are about to travel to a place where locals do not speak your language(s). So, what do you do? Join a certain language class back home beforehand? Why waste your time and money doing that? Take some initiative and make friends with the locals. Who knows, you might meet someone friendly or kind enough to teach you their language and you could do the same to them.

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8) You Get To Tell Potentially Unique Stories To Your Friends/Loved Ones

Buying souvenirs? Sharing your travel stories about the famous tourist spots that you have visited? It might be fun for some but it can be boring for others as well. But when you travel without a plan, the result might be different altogether. You get the chance to share your unique travel experiences with them. Something that might wow or surprise them that they never thought an unplanned journey can bring!

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