Meet The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Ambassadors Featuring The Best Anime!

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Now that 2020 is officially here there are events that we can look forward to including the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! This year the Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan which is pretty exciting. Usually the host country will introduce a mascot or two for the event. Additionally, Tokyo has announced a whole lineup of exciting ambassadors!

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Most of us probably know Japan for being a clean, efficient, and hardworking country. But in addition to that, we also know that it’s the land of anime. Therefore, fans of popular anime have been eagerly waiting for this announcement.

Knowing that there are so many exciting and beloved anime characters to choose from, a whole lineup has been chosen. That’s right! The team behind the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have chosen nine iconic ambassadors.

Instead, the lineup features some pretty popular characters that even non-anime fans can recognise. Check out who the ambassadors are for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

 Tokyo 2020 Olympics Ambassadors
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Firstly, we’ve got Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon, Luffy from One Piece, and Naruto from Naruto. Did you also notice Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z as well as Cure Miracle, and Cure Magical from Pretty Cure.

If that wasn’t enough for you, we’ve also got Astro Boy from Astro Boy, Shin from Crayon Shin-chan, and lastly is Jibanyan from Yo-kai Watch. The characters are from very popular shows and definitely have a lot of fans.

Furthermore, it makes total sense for the Tokyo to choose such iconic ambassadors. It truly shows the culture of Japan and helps to celebrate their art.

Moving on, fans of the anime characters and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be delighted to know that merchandise is now on sale. Choose between keychains, jackets, bags, bottles, and even a commemorative engraved medallion.