The Roof Transforms Into “Spooky Town” This Halloween

This Halloween, be greeted by the undead as The Roof gets taken over by zombies, masked killers and international DJ from the Netherlands, Tony Junior!

For 3 days straight, The Roof as we know it will take a turn for the horrifying as “Spooky Town”, resuscitating a thousand years of dark history with six horror experiences in one unique destination. Starting on the 27th – 29th October, be prepared to scream, shout and BOOgie your heart out with “Spooky Town’s” various activities.


Start your journey by approaching the zombies at the elevator lobby of “Spooky Town” to get your hands on “The Roof Passport”, by signing up and using the hashtag #HalloweenSpecial, you can then redeem complimentary drinks and goodies from all of The Roof’s outlets.


Once you’ve gotten your hands on a “The Roof Passport”, one can head over to Score to try their luck on the “Wheel of Terror” with any purchase, to win more drinks and freebies! But beware, for the masked man who guards the wheel will be lurking around the corner, watching, waiting to make his move on you.

The masked killer isn’t the only one who has their eyes on you. The mystical, mysterious Esmeralda the Fortune Teller has set up her shop at the Score Island and she has something to tell you. Let her read you with her tarot cards, for who knows what the future holds for you. Esmeralda knows. Go closer, look into her eyes, but whatever you do, don’t stare.

Signature by The Hill

All that looking over your shoulders and heart palpitations must have made your tummy rumble hence take a step into Signature for “Fire and Feast”, where the evil won’t dare step foot because of what’s on the menu, making a monster’s nightmare, a sorcerer’s daydream. From “Bat Wings” to “Eye Balls”, this is your chance to get revenge on the monsters that haunt you and show them what you’re made of, in the most scrumptious way.


Get a taste of how “Heaven & Hell” feels like at Hide on 28th October where the undead takes control of the music console. Rock and Heads Will Roll with one of Malaysia’s scariest bands, The Gillaz.


To help digest the delicious monster eyes, wings and other organs that have been devoured at Signature, “Spooky Town” also has a movie experience that puts an emphasis on acrophobia, the fear of heights.

In partnership with Iflix, Stratosphere presents “House of Horror” which showcases some of the scariest classic movies of all time such as “Friday the 13th”, “Hellraiser” and “The Grudge” on 29th October. Don’t forget to dress in your worst, as Iflix will be giving away free merchandise to the most creative and gory outfit. To book tickets, kindly log onto



Fear not, for music will keep you safe this Halloween at “Spooky Town” with Tony Junior. Hailing all the way from the Netherlands, fresh off the success of his collaboration with Tiesto called “Get Down” which hit number one in the US dance chart Beatport Top 100. Tony will be spinning his hard hitting tunes on 27th October at Play Club KL alongside DJ Keith Mintz and MC Noixe; you won’t have to worry about any ghosts possessing your bodies because the drops of Tony Junior’s thumping beat will be claiming your bodies as its own! Entry is with the offering of RM60, and twin bottle promotions worth RM725 are available before midnight.

“Doll House Asylum” takes the classic playtime favourite and puts an adult twist on it, but be warned, as this doll house isn’t child’s play. Featuring DJ Reeve, Edz and MC Noixe, we caution you to dress up so that the dead baby dolls will recognize you as their own and leave you be. Entrance into “Doll House Asylum” is with the offering of RM60 and the lucky best dressed victim that will be chosen by the spirits will be presented with 4 bottles of GH MUMM Champagne.

All of these out of worldly occasions all leads down to the biggest, ghastliest and insanity inducing event of all, the “Mad Masquerade”. Happening at Play Club KL on the 29th of October, with DJ Def, Edz and MC Ruff, dress for the dead to hide your life force from the living dead guests and join the world of the deceased. The chosen one who impresses the spirits the most with their costume will receive 4 bottles of GH MUMM Champagne. Entrance is with the offering of RM60.


Fear has never looked so good.

For more information, kindly log on to or For reservations and further inquiries, please call 03 – 8605 3388.