Malaysia’s Top 10 Fashion Scarf Brands

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Making a Muslimah headscarf a compliment to any outfit is a simple way to show your unique sense of style. Also known as hijab or shawl, scarf can be fashionable at the same time modest with the right selection of colours, patterns and type of fabrics. While there are many fashion scarf brands in Malaysia, here’s a list of 10 most sought after brands if you are going for chic and stylish Muslimah fashion scarf.

1) Sugarscarf


Founded in 2008, Sugarscarf is recognised as one of the most established brands in Malaysia for hijabs, shawls, scarves, and related accessories. All hijabs are exclusively designed by the Sugarscarf team and they vow to keep producing high quality scarves at affordable prices. Sugarscarf’s products are also available at Modvier, Fashion Valet, and Zalora Malaysia. | FB: sugarscarf | IG: @sugarscarf

2) dUCk Scarves


Known for their premium basics and exclusive illustration prints which are packaged in a unique presentation, dUCk Scarves was launched in 2014 and has since risen quickly in its popularity among scarf wearers. Founded by popular blogger Vivy Yusof, she believes that wearing scarves should be regarded as a celebrated act among women, whether she is a Muslim or not. | FB: duckscarves | IG: @duckscarves

3) Naelofar Hijab


Naelofar Hijab was founded by famous actress Neelofa Noor, it was her love for fashion that made her pursue her own label for hijabs. Naelofar Hijab was formed in 2014 when she and her team successfully came up with a revolutionary design for instant shawls. Today there are more than 100 stockists in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Other than that, Neelofa also created two other labels—Nalelofar Abaya Abaya and Lofalens. | FB: naelofarhijabofficial | IG: @naelofarhijab

4) Purdy Petals


Producing pretty things for the ‘purdy’ (a variation of the term ‘pretty’) you, Purdy Petals is an online boutique selling quality shawls and other fashionable items at affordable prices. Purdy Petals hopes to make you pretty, modest and chic with their variety of shawls available in different colours and prints. They also accept custom-made orders if you have an idea of what you’d want. | FB: PurdyPetals | IG: @purdypetals

5) Fareeda


Look no further than Fareeda’s scarves if you are a fan of exclusive patterns and prints—something that the team at Fareeda take very seriously. While Fareeda prides themselves on unique in-house designs, they impose stringent control on the quality of their scarves too. According to the team at Fareeda, this is what makes Fareeda different from the rest.

FB: FareedaOfficial | IG: @fareedascarf

6) Mumu Scarves


Mumu Scarves is one of Malaysia’s leading brands in high quality scarves. With an aim to cater to Muslimah women with a passion for fashion, all the scarves at Mumu Scarves are designed and manufactured in-house. The team at Mumu Scarves hopes to produce scarves that are suitable for everyday wear, be it casual or formal whilst maintaining your modesty and elegance. | FB: Mumu Scarves | IG: @mumuscarves

7) Radiusite


Established in 2009, Radiusite now has several stores across Peninsular Malaysia. Radiusite prides themselves for being one of the renowned hijab brands in the country, having quickly grown to be popular among Malaysians. Thanks to their simple but beautiful hijab designs which uphold the Shariah Islamic code of attire, it is no wonder that they are what they are today. | FB: Radiusite | IG: @radiusite

8) Shawlbyvsnow


Founded by Nur Amirah Sulaiman in June 2010, Shawlbyvsnow started selling scarves online and now also have their own physical stores. Combining fine quality materials and beautiful designs, they create scarves that leave you wanting for more. | FB: shawlbyvsnowMY  | IG: @shawlbyvsnow

9) TudungPeople


TudungPeople, their name along with their slogan “Making ‘Tudung’ by and for the people”, fits perfectly in sync. TudungPeople is already well established and currently exports their wonderful products all over the world with distributors in countries such as the US, Australia, and Japan. It is impressive, but it isn’t that surprising; because their fine quality products are sure to attract a lot of customers. | FB: TudungPeople | IG: @tudungpeople

10) Chique Veils


Chique Veils have all their products fully imported from Europe, with them ensuring the best of quality and the trendiest of designs. Chique Veils wants their products to empower women to do the things that they do each and every day. They want to cater to the modern Muslimah women who are ready to take on the world. | FB: chiqueveils | IG: @chiqueveils

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