7 Tricks To Cool Down Without Air Conditioning

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Living in a tropical country like Malaysia can be seriously frustrating most of the time. This is especially true when we all have to deal with the hot weather. In fact, the weather has been getting hotter over the years due to many reasons such as global warming. No wonder getting an air conditioning has become more of a basic necessity than a luxury. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone can afford to buy one. Thankfully, here are the 7 tricks that can help you to cool down even without air conditioning.

1) Use Your Fan To Blow Hot Air Out Of The Window

Wait… what? Although it was a common knowledge that we normally use fan (stand fan or table fan) to blow air directly at our bodies, there are times you can only feel nothing but hot air instead. The solution? Try this nifty fan trick. During daytime, turn on your fan and face it near the open window. This will help blow the hot air out of the room and replaced by the cool air blowing in in return. Of course, such method only works if the air outside the winsow is cooler but not hotter than what you already experienced inside your room.

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2) Create Your Own Air Conditioning

Don’t worry, you don’t need a degree in mechanical engineering to make your own AC unit. All you need to do is to place a fan on the ground. Then, put a bucket of ice cubes in front of the fan. When you turn the fan on, it will blow cool air over the ice.

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3) Tinted Your Window

Just like you tint your car windows because it helps reduce heat and block UV rays, the same reason also applies to your room window. Consider investing window tint film to block or reduce the sunlight entering your room. Alternatively, you can use other forms of window shades such as blinds and curtains.

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4) Turn Off And Unplug Your Appliances

Did you know all appliances such as your laptop, computer, smartphone and television can generate heat? This is especially true when they still plug into sockets. So, make it a habit to unplug them if not in use.

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5) Get A Buckwheat Pillow

Unlike traditional cotton pillow which absorbs heat, buckwheat pillow helps to keep you cool during hot nights. This is because the buckwheat hulls found within the pillow provides better air circulation and breath-ability. Best of all, you can even choose to cool a buckwheat pillow further by sliding it inside a plastic bag and placed it in the freezer or refrigerator. Although it won’t stay extra cool till the next morning, at least it gives you a nice feeling when you start to sleep during the night.

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6) Try The “Egyptian Method”

By “Egyptian Method”, we don’t mean singing The Bangles’ Walk Like An Egyptian. Instead, it’s more of sleeping like an Egyptian. This is how it works: you wet a sheet or bath towel in cool water. Make sure it was damp but not dripping. Then, place a dry sheet or towel underneath you and use the damp sheet/towel as a blanket to cover your body.

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7) Cool Your Body Inside Out

Besides focusing on the external heat problem, you should take note of your own body temperature as well. That includes drinking more water, applying cold compresses or ice packs to pulse areas like your neck and behind the knees, and consume more cooling foods (e.g. cucumber, watermelon and pineapple).

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