Is Boba Beer The Worst Or Best Thing To Happen To Us?

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At this point, who doesn’t know bubble tea? The chewy tapioca pearls have caused a craze amongst millennials. It has reached a point where metal, bamboo, and silicon straws need to be sold in bubble tea friendly sizes. However, is boba beer the peak or the fall?

Let’s also not forget how crazy boba fusion foods were just a few weeks ago. We were watching people eat boba tea steamboat, boba tea rice, and more. It really seemed like boba was being put everywhere.

On the 22nd of July, The Beer Factory announced on their official Facebook page that they were launching a Boba Beer series. Customers have the option to choose between four different drinks with different beer brands.

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First on the list is a Butter Beer which features Kirin Ichiban beer and what looks like whipped cream and caramel drizzle. Next up is Guinness Milkshake that has, you guessed it, Guinness stout in it.

There is also a Strawberry Lime Cider that uses Apple Fox Cider. Last on the list is Watermelon Beer. It is unclear if the drink is Tiger beer mixed with watermelon juice, syrup, or just slices of watermelon.

The boba beer series is only available until the 15th of August so make sure to hurry if you’re keen on trying it. It is available at all outlets except Kota Kinabalu and Cyberjaya.

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After some digging around, it seems that The Beer Factory is not the first to come up with alcoholic bubble tea.

The Local Box in Singapore allows customers to choose between Nutella Baileys milk tea and Taro Tequila milk tea. Unlike The Beer Factory, they use Baileys and Tequila which are considered as hard liquor. Each drink has just enough to give it that kick.