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There is a demand of Postnatal Care or Confinement Center especially among the Malaysian community. Traditionally, they hire confinement ladies to assist with the postpartum period. However, modern and well educated mothers now prefer trained breastfeeding & confinement specialists, midwives and nurses that understand what is best for both themselves. In comparison, confinement ladies are generally more elderly and unable to adapt to the modern mother’s wishes. Many confinement centers in Malaysia are in houses or bungalows with shared rooms and toilets. Now Kimporo provides a more luxurious and safe environment for the modern mothers and their newborn.

About Kimporo

Kimporo, which means “The Most Precious One” in Chinese, refers not only to the precious newborn, but also the precious mother. At Kimporo, they understand the importance in helping the new mother adjust to motherhood. All while granting new moms a peaceful period of bonding with her new baby and supporting her in establishing successful breastfeeding.

Kimporo Postnatal Rejuvenation is a postnatal center that provides comprehensive care for mother and newborn baby. They offer specialised care to assist in the care of the newborn and the complete rejuvenation of the new mother in a luxurious and safe environment. Postnatal meals are specially prepared to aid healing and strengthening of the body after delivery. They also have a variety of services guaranteed to help you rejuvenate and revive, enabling you to enjoy this very special first month as a new mother.

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Nothing But The Best

They offer a total of 28 private and ensuite bathroom bedrooms for the comfort of postpartum mothers and fathers as they adapt to the new added family member. They offer multiple level of care and services for the family, including:

  1. Experienced and dedicated midwives and nurses –
  2. Baby-friendly postnatal centre managed by renowned Breastfeeding Specialist
  3. Nutritious gourmet meals prepared by award-winning chef
  4. Stylish, comfortable rooms. – With the father of your baby, and children below 5 years old are welcome to stay-in for free (terms & conditions apply)
  5. Spacious baby room
  6. 24-hour CCTV and security guard surveillance
  7. Fun activities and parenting courses
  8. In-building additional services: Postnatal massage*, Hair Saloon, pedicure, manicure and facial*, Baby & family photography*, Early Childhood education & Nursery for older children*

* Additional charges may apply

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New Life Begins At Kimporo

They are a team of trained breastfeeding & confinement specialist, midwives and nurses to assist in the care of the newborn and a complete rejuvenation of new mothers. Furthermore, they help people to understand the importance of taking care of both the new mother and baby’s needs. The stress and challenges of handling a newborn could cause some disharmony in the home especially when involving grandparents. Therefore, being in a confinement centre could reduce such stress greatly. However, many families are not convinced about that until they actually go through the confinement month themselves. Hence, this is why many of the clients are actually second or third time parents. They will discover a stress-free and happier time at Kimporo.

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A Head Start For The Next Generation

They occupy the 6th and 7th floor of Menara Ruyi, a stone’s throw away from Mid Valley Megamall. Menara Ruyi is a one-stop wellness-hub offering a wide range of services. Therefore, this allows mothers to experience a unique postnatal experience, without having to step out of the building.

Kimporo will be starting the franchising plan this year and aims to be the biggest postnatal rejuvenation center franchiser in South East Asia in the few years to come.

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” Kimporo follows a traditional but yet liberal view of confinement. We understand the many practices and taboos surrounding the confinement month and our specialists are at hand to share their opinions and scientific research behind the practices followed at Kimporo. However, we encourage the parents to decide for themselves which practice they want to follow or prefer to avoid.”

– Kimporo

Prepare to be pampered at Kimporo: