7 Effective Ways To Deal With Sweaty Armpits

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Sweating is good. It helps regulate your body temperature. It also promotes detoxification. And it definitely makes you feel alive after going for a morning jog. But excessive sweaty armpits when you walk a short distance under the normal weather condition? That’s definitely not normal. While excessive sweaty armpits are not life-threatening, they can be embarrassing. It also makes you lose your self-confidence. Imagine all those visible underarm sweat marks when you go for a job interview or a date with your girlfriend. If you are one of the unfortunate individuals suffering from such conditions, here are the 7 effective ways to deal with your excessive sweaty armpits.

1) Use Antiperspirant

Not to be confused with deodorant, antiperspirant is specially designed to block or control the sweat from reaching the skin. You can ask for a prescribed antiperspirant from your doctor or you can buy it from your local pharmacy. Among the recommended product is Perspirex. If you use an antiperspirant, remember to apply them at night during bedtime since your sweat glands are less active. This, in turn, allows the antiperspirant to do its job properly.

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2) Wear Moisture-Wicking Undershirt

Don’t ruin your favorite dress shirt with underarm sweat marks. Layer your clothes with an undershirt to avoid the sweat marks from reaching to your dress shirt. However, not just any undershirt will do. Choose the right undershirt that is both lightweight, breathable and has quick-drying properties. For instance, you can try the AIRism inner wear by Uniqlo.

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3) Reduce Your Caffeine Intakes

Are you a coffee person who can’t resist a few cups of java every single day? Well, you might want to reconsider that if you have excessive sweaty armpits. Like it or not, coffee makes you sweat even more. And it’s all because of the caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and thus, prompted the body to sweat excessively. While it is understandable that completely eliminate caffeine intakes seems like an impossible mission, you can at least try to cut down on the amount of coffee you drink.

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4) Control Your Stress Level

Always in a hurry, regardless work or leisure? If you are constantly under lots of pressure, stress can trigger your underarm sweat. To put it simply: the more you stress, the more you sweat. Learn how to manage your stress efficiently. For instance, attend a yoga class or plan ahead if you know you have important events during the week.

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5) Drink Enough Water

Our body needs enough fluid to function properly. Which is why dehydration or lack of water can cause our sweat glands become hyperactive. So, make a habit to drink enough water every day. The reason is simple: Water helps regulate your body temperature.

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6) Cut Down On Spicy And Processed Foods

Most of us Malaysians sure love to crave spicy foods. But spicy meal such as chicken curry or curry noodles contains capsaicin that can trigger your sweat glands. Also, consume too many processed foods such as instant noodles, packaged foods, and fast foods can aggravate underarm sweat. If possible, eliminate them altogether or reduce the intakes.

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7) Consider A Botox Treatment

This is definitely the last resort if your sweaty armpits are seemingly unstoppable. A Botox treatment works by injecting under the skin of your armpits to prevent the nerve impulses from reaching the sweat glands. Depending on the individuals, you can expect a significant decrease in sweating up to 90%.

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