Renaissance Barber Co Gives You A Cut Above The Rest

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When people mention barbers, we often think of salons that offer free neck cracking services along with haircut. However, with the recent trend of hipster barbershops, a man can walk out looking red-carpet worthy. Renaissance Barber Co will do exactly that – make you look handsome at an affordable price. For a taste of a spiffy grooming parlor makeover, make sure you check out this popular barbershop.

About Renaissance and Co

Renaissance Barber Co is a barbershop located in North Bridge road driven by pure passion and hard work. In addition to making customers look better since August 2017, they do their best to provide the wants and needs of the people for every haircut.

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The Renaissance Specialty

When their clients get a hair wash, customers get to enjoy the “waterfall”, a technique we adopted from Shunji Matsuo. Furthermore, they also cultivated a habit of removing the baby hair off customers face to let them feel fresh, and that is what we call the “last 10”. This is where they spend the last 10 minutes of the session tidying up every detail.

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The Barbers Behind The Cloth

Their team comprises of two team members: Head Barber Solihin and Senior Barber Jason. In addition, they have 4 other apprentices under training and will be working with them soon. Head Barber Solihin has experience from Hair Fashion and Design in ITE College East and from Toni n Guy. Senior Barber Jason started off as Solihin’s customer and has been learning from him since May 2017.

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A Cut Above Others

The shop strongly believes in customer service and client satisfaction means a lot to them. The goal is to be the best barbershop in Asia one day, hoping to spread their knowledge far and wide. Additionally, they are trying to strip the stereotype that barbershops and salons are two different things, when both professions are dealing with hair.

Image credit: Renaissance Barber Co

“All of us here at the shop believe that a haircut should be affordable. That is why we provide quality haircuts for such affordable prices. additionally, We believe that you should feel comfortable while getting a haircut, you will naturally look good when you feel good. Hence I emphasize on how important we take customer service here.”

– Renaissance Barber Co

The revival of art and literature of hair: