6 Shops to Fulfill Your Bagel Craving in KL & Selangor

bagel craving in KL
Image Credit: JC & Nels Bagels

Did you know that bagels are boiled in water for 30 to 60 seconds before getting baked in the oven? This helps to give bagels their crunchy exterior and the dense and chewy texture on the inside. They often make for a great breakfast meal as they are quite filling and can last you longer through the day. They are usually paired with cream cheese but there are a lot of variations out there now. Check out 6 shops in KL and Selangor for you to fulfill your bagel cravings!

1) Park’s Bagels

Located in Tropicana Gardens Mall, the bagels are baked fresh everyday so sometimes the bagels are sold out even before the day is over. But if luck is on your side, you will get to try a diverse range of bagels and cream cheese. Mix and match between 8 types of bagels such as sesame, garlic, poppy seed with 12 types of cream cheese that range from savoury to sweet. You’ll never run out of options! I especially liked the spring onion cream cheese the last time I tried. They also sell bagel sandwiches if you’re not feeling like having cream cheese.

2) Christine’s Bakery

With two outlets in Sunway Geo Avenue and Publika Shopping Gallery respectively, Christine’s Bakery is the place to go for scrumptious, mouth-watering bagel sandwiches. Every bite is a taste of happiness with choices such as the Wagyu Steak Out, Truffle Unagi and Crustacean bagels. They have also cream cheese offerings with flavors such as kombu tomato, pesto and truffle. Our Muslim friends would be happy to know that they’re pork-free and Muslim-friendly.

3) Nels Bagels

The best bagel in Petaling Jaya, KL and some say Gombak — Nels Bagels offer bagels with different toppings to add flavor into the otherwise bland taste of bagel. Their best-selling bagels are the pepper bagels with jalapeno, habenero and charleston pepper as toppings — ideal to be made into sandwiches as the pepper compliments all types of meat and also gives it a spizy zing! They also sell keto bagels which are perfect for those watching their weight or those with wheat allergy. Other interesting products from Nels Bagels are their bagel chips and premium avocado spread. Find them on Shopee to place your orders.

Image Credit: Nels Bagels Facebook

4) 明明 (Ming Ming) Day 9 Kitchen

Opened by two good friends who love bagels, 明明 DAY 9 Kitchen is located in Seri Kembangan. If you are in the area, drop by to taste their savoury bagels such as Burn The Pig Bagel (housemade marinated pork chop) or the Kim-Brown Bagel (kimchi with fried potato cake). Constantly innovating, the owners’ passion for bagels can be seen in their menu. They also have vegetarian options along with pasta, rice and main course meals in their cafe.

Image Credit: Day 9 Kitchen Facebook

5) The Bread Fox

At the Bread Fox, eveything is baked with the highest quality of organic ingredients. Baked by Dinie and Ruza at their home bakery in Bukit Damansara, they offer a different spin to your typical bagels by selling whole wheat sourdough bagels. You can choose from their plain bagels or opt for toppings such as organic chia seed, poppy seed and sesame seed. They also sell sourdough bread, brioche and scones. If you are looking for vegan and organic breads, get them from The Bread Fox!

6) 270 SQFT

The cafe is really only 270 square feet in size, hence the name. You can find this tiny cafe in Sea Park and reservation is highly encouraged due to their limited seating. Or you can order delivery which is what I did. I went safe and chose the ham and cheese bagel although they had interesting flavors on their menu such as the pesto bagel and the apple basil bagel. Verdict: The top was toasted very well and it’s crunchy which made it taste better. Technically can’t go wrong with ham and cheese either. It came warm which was nice. Rating: 4/5.

Image Credit: @JC

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