Self-Service Kiosks (SOKs) are being Introduced by KFC in Klang Valley

The next time you go into KFC you could be heading over to the cutest cashier in the store, which happens to be… you! KFC has recently introduced self-service kiosks (SOKs) in various outlets in the Klang Valley area, and vanity aside, ordering and paying is about to get a whole lot more convenient!

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It seems that the popular fast food chain KFC is introducing self-ordering kiosks (SOKs). This allows for customers to do the ordering and payment via self-service. The SOKs accept payment via eWallets, credit cards, and debit cards. They support eWallets such as Kash Wallet, Maybank QR Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Boost, and TnG wallet. That’s quite an impressive list of eWallets they accept.

These machines are touchscreen and allow customers to be in charge of the process. They can browse the menu, select their meal, make any adjustments such as add ons, and then pay via eWallet or debit card or credit card. Having these machines and offering this service allows for less queues and faster service. KFC customers can pick their food up from the counter or have it delivered to their table. Simply insert the table number provided when making the order and a friendly staff will find you.

Hopefully Malaysians will find this to be a valuable feature of KFC outlets. It would definitely be great to spend less time waiting to make an order. It would also help those who are a bit unsure to be able to browse the menu better. Next time you head to KFC, be on the lookout for a self-service kiosk that you could use.

Rival foodchain outlet McDonald’s has a pretty similar process that has been around for a while. So it seems that this is going to be the new trend. As for now, the SOKs are only available in some KFC outlets around the Klang Valley area. Hopefully this system will be introduced to all their outlets around Malaysia. It would sure be better than lining up for super long.