Ginit Upholstery Gives Furniture A New Life

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Traditional upholstery is a craft which has evolved over centuries for padding and covering chairs, seats and sofas. When it comes to furnishing the home, most people have the connotation to purchase new furniture. However, there is an option to inject and breathe new life into your current furnishing and you do not need to part with it. This is especially important for household pieces which may have sentimental value or were from the previous generation. If you have any old furniture which needs upholstering, Ginit Upholstery will do the trick for you.

About Ginit Upholstery

Ginit Upholstery is a family business run by Edmund Yeo. The company specialises in upholstery and re-upholstery services for sofa, chair, cushions, headboard, office partition and curtains. They provide upholstery and re-upholstery services to both residential and commercial clients which includes but are not restricted to recreation & hospitality, restaurants, health and education institutions. In addition, they are partners to many interior design companies and work closely with the designers for different types of projects.

Image credit: Ginit Upholstery

Products and Services Offered

Each year they reupholster countless set of residential sofas/chairs in both fabrics and leathers. Furthermore, they have also completed multiple commercial projects for boat upholstery, office cubicle partitions, restaurant as well as classroom acoustics panels. Materials available for selection includes cotton, velvet, polyester, genuine leather, synthetic leather. Additionally, they also provide re-varnishing service to restore wood furniture original looks.

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Quality and Comfort for Customers

Their goal is to provide customers with a comfortable and nice sofa that they can both enjoy in front of the TV and host their guests. A well-upholstered sofa can bring life to one’s home and it can really make a vibrant difference. They aim to help customers retain their beloved sofa or chairs to be able to pass on from generation to generation. With exquisite workmanship and meticulous attention to details, they provide the highest quality of standards. Most importantly, they do not settle for the second best; it’s either the best or nothing.

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More Than Just Old Furniture

In 2017, they were featured in an episode of Mediacorp Channel 8’s Play House (室内新玩家). In the episode, they provided custom-made cushion services to one of the contestants, a designer who has been their regular client. It is the recognition and trust from the customers that drives them to deliver high quality end-products. Customer satisfaction and continuous support from them is their main motivation that provides them with a huge sense of achievement. Ultimately, they strive to be a household name in Singapore when it comes to quality upholstery services. They will continue to present themselves as an option over purchasing ready-made sofas.

Image credit: Ginit Upholstery

“Old is gold, its easy to throw away a piece of furniture but when things are gone, it is gone forever. If you have something good, for instance a piece of furniture made of hardwood, retain it for as long as you can.”

– Ginit Upholstery

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