5 Wedding Proposals That Are Truly Unforgettable

Image credit: www.earthporm.com

While most ladies dream of getting swept off their feet when popped the question by their knight in shining armour, the man may take the opportunity to declare how much their significant other means to them through their sincerity and actions. Should there be any men out there who are questioning the need for a dream proposal, TallyPress strongly encourages to execute the perfect proposal plan (or risk being reminded by your bitter spouse for the rest of your wedded life LOL). If you need some ideas or tips on asking “Will you marry me?”, here are a list of wedding proposals that have gone viral and left a lasting impression in the internet-sphere.

1) The Lip-Sync Proposal

This has all the ingredients and is a true recipe for success – dance, marching band, Bruno Mars(!). With all that effort, no one will be able to say no to that..

2) The Movie Trailer

Matt prepares a movie trailer about how he asked his girlfriend’s dad for permission to have her hand in marriage. We don’t care if you think it is cheesy or old-fashioned but one can never put in too much effort for a win a lady’s heart.

3) The 365 Day Proposal

Nothing spells dedication like meticulously planning and taking a whole year to make the moment truly special. Grab yourself some tissues!

4) A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

You don’t always need an elaborate video to get a resounding ‘Yes’. If you know her soft spot, there is no better time to make use of it than asking her to marry you.

Image credit: www.earthporm.com
Image credit: www.earthporm.com

5) The Meme-Inspired Proposal

Who can forget the meme-inspired proposal pulled off by Timothy Tiah to Audrey Ooi of fourfeetnine? This is guaranteed to make any meme geek nod their head furiously before you can even finish the question.

Don’t be disheartened if you lack musical talent or ground-breaking ideas! If you truly love your woman and put in the effort to make her yours forever, your sincerity will shine through and you will find yourself facing a teary-eyed or overjoyed soul mate. Simply because inside every tough and independent woman is a lady who believes in their own happily ever after.

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