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The rapid and evolving technology has provided us with comfort and convenience in our daily lives. However, traveling in vehicles and working from our desks gives us another issue – lack of exercise and movement. This first world problem results in a myriad of health issues and hence we need to take action. While exercising may seem unexciting to some, CELL has created a functional training playground that will inject some fun into workouts!

About Cell

CELL is a functional training playground that focuses on movement patterns of regular daily activities. With their interesting selection of ergonomic equipment, you can be sure that workouts will be interactive and fun.

Their trainers are experts in their field and guarantee to do their utmost best in delivering results specific to your fitness goals. They are a functional training gym in the heart of Serangoon Gardens. With in-house physiotherapists, they are able to mould fitness programs to suit any target audience.

Here at CELL, you can be the best version of yourself. One rep at a time.

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The Cellular Structure

CELL does in-house group classes, personal training and physiotherapy. They have 6 different types of classes; Circuit, Yoga, Pilates, Kettlebell, Strong Ones and Primal. Physiotherapy is simply because there have been too many cases of “I’d like to lose weight for a beach holiday but I have a missing ligament in my knee and it buckles all the time”.

In addition, CELL is working with doctor and dietician groups to create a flow that is easy to understand and participate in. They will create workshops to educate, programs to participate in together with these medical groups.

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Understanding Your Needs

The gym runs on trainers and therapists who were athletes themselves. Having competed at the highest levels, they understand how demanding training can be when being stretched to the limit. The main difference is coaches back then could not explain why they were doing certain routines. The guys here have the technical know-how to take you on a journey on why things are as such now.

CELL is an open concept gym. The beauty of open space is that they leave room for interpretation. An inexperienced gym goer entering a gym full of machines and entering a gym with an open space results in the same conclusion; the lack of know-how creates inertia. Therein lies their art, they paint the canvas according to your needs and wants. Experts everywhere in the field, but artists only a handful.

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The creation of CELL

As trainers, they noticed a peculiar trend about the fitness industry, and that is – not everyone is gunning for performance. Most people just want a better quality of life and many times, their present condition hampers progression. Hence they created a model where they take the effort to study the body in depth before design programs that are better suited. They have since designed programs ranging from people with special needs, to those looking to enlist in the army, to even the highest performing athletes competing in the Singapore Football League.

The building blocks of a “healthy lifestyle” ecosystem are present in our society, but in shambles. CELL hopes to be the forerunner in piecing them together to create a one-stop solution to a better lifestyle.

As the name suggest, CELL is a microorganism belonging to a larger entity. They do not claim to build an ecosystem that is already present, but merely want to make things clearer, and eventually make “healthy lifestyle” much simpler to achieve.

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Creating A Better Version of You

CELL is an evidence based gym. They run regular tests and make markers in journey with clients. They help you understand that there cannot always be progression, there must be stagnation and sometimes regression.

Is one really creative when completely free of conditions, or when bounded by restrictions? The trend in the audience is that there is always a condition. i.e. lose weight but had slipped disc, or getting bigger without losing speed.

Therein lies our art; no matter the condition or restrictions, they will still be able to take you to the “healthy lifestyle”. They create, under difficult circumstances.

CELL has the tools to make the experience truly educational and interactive.

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“There is always room for improvement. Progress, not perfection. No matter what, we’ll be able to help.”


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