“Where Is Najib?” Is Now A Mobile Game!

Image Credit: hype.my

For a brief period of time, Malaysians had one burning question, and one burning question only: “Where is Najib?”. Well, thankfully we know where he is, but a Singapore-based indie game studio also took this opportunity to create and name a game after this question.

It’s like Whack-A-Mole

But instead of whacking a mole or any other animal, you’ll be whacking Najib instead. Actually, not exactly whacking. You’ll be throwing a diamond at his head instead, presumably thought to represent the whopping 22-carat pink diamond. Said diamond is set in a necklace worth about RM 115 million, and said to be with Rosmah.

Image Credit: vulcanpost.com

Keep throwing diamonds to earn answers

Such a simple gameplay! As Najib’s head appears and disappears among the various holes, you just got be faster than him. You have 10 seconds to score 100 points, and you unlock an answer to “Where is Najib?” if you gain enough points within the time limit. Currently, there are 101 answers for you to unlock, and some (if not most or all) of the answers are downright hilarious, so keep throwing those diamonds at him!

Image Credit: hype.my

So… Where is Najib?

It always starts with “You found Najib! He’s…” and answers include:

  • Watching Rosmah eat all the jewels she couldn’t sew into her clothes
  • Telling a pineapple tart how he really feels about being probed
  • Googling “how to delete your computer”
  • Weeping into the saddest bowl of sup kambing in the world
Image Credit: vulcanpost.com

Enjoy the game!

Published by Glassfire Games, “Where Is Najib?” is currently only available for download on the Apple App Store. However, Android users need not worry; they’ll also be releasing it on the Google Play Store before the end of the year! Also, do take note that it is meant to be a fun and simple game, and if you’re looking for a challenge, you won’t find one here. If you’re really bored, and need to vent some pent-up feelings, then throw those diamonds away, my friend. Throw those diamonds away.

Image Credit: vulcanpost.com