10 Obvious Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

No matter how you love your job, there are times you end up with a bad day every now and then. Frankly, that’s a common scenario that happens to everyone. But how exactly do you know if you really hate your job? Or the fact that you have a strong urge to throw in your resignation letter? Here are the 10 obvious signs that it’s time to quit your job and consider seeking greener pastures.

1) You Dread Showing Up To Work Every Morning

Expectation: After a good night’s sleep, you should feel refreshed the next morning and ready to take on the world.

Reality: Every weekday during bedtime, your mind is hardly in peace because all you can think of is “I dread dragging myself to work the next morning” again and again.

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2) You Can’t Stop Complaining About Your Job

Whether you use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or even Google Hangouts, your online conversation with your best friend consists mostly of complaining about… how you hate your colleague(s) and/or your superior, impossible deadlines and so on.

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3) Your Salary Is Stagnant

Now, when was the last time you received a pay raise? Even if you do have, you find your salary increase is significantly lesser than you expected. And get this: you’ve already been working your butt off for a certain company for a few years! You are often the first one to arrive in the office and the last one to leave. You help manage the junior staff well enough and never fail getting your job done. All this… amounted to nothing and your boss still pays you peanuts!

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4) Your Co-Workers Are Jumping Ship

Wherever you work, people come and go. And that’s normal. But if you work in a company where the turnover is higher than those who stay, something is definitely not right. It could be anything from poor company management to low prospects. Even if you are among those who hardly care as long as you are doing your job, it’s time to change your mindset. Because sometimes it really helps to pay attention to what’s going on within your organisation.

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5) You Find Your Commute Feel Like… Forever

If you love your job, you probably wouldn’t mind even if it’s a long commute to your office regardless of driving or taking public transport. Sure, there are times we feel frustrated over our daily commutes due to traffic jams or train/bus breakdown. That’s actually normal. But it’s definitely not the case when you can feel every single minute commuting to work. It’s like as if you are being forced to travel to the war zone where the situation is nothing but gloom and despair.

It's time to quit your job
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6) You Are No Longer Able To Learn New Things

Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again? Or perhaps, you are willing to learn new things or take up new challenges. But the company doesn’t seem to have anything prospective that you can help contribute.

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7) You Are Not Getting A Promotion

Here’s a scenario: You work hard and you definitely work smart enough. But your company often turns a blind eye and the most your boss could say “You’re doing a good job. Keep it up”. That so-called word of encouragement may sound like a satisfying compliment at the beginning. But after a while, you begin to dread working your socks off. Not to mention the situation grows worse when your boss often finds any excuse not to promote you and raise your salary. Three words: time to leave.

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8) Your Boss Practices Favouritism

By right, every employee should be given a fair opportunity. Whoever can perform well and able to contribute to the company deserves a chance to be rewarded in some ways. Let’s say you are one of them. But whatever you do, your boss seems to favour the only person or a particular small group of his or her “favourite” employees while ignoring the rest. This kind of unfair treatment will get you nowhere no matter how hard you try. And if the situation barely changes the longer you stay, it’s time to consider for another job instead.

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9) You Often Find Ways To Call In Sick

If you find yourself regularly visiting your company’s panel clinic just to get an MC, it’s probably more of an excuse for calling in sick. It also seems that your work keeps affecting your health regardless of intentional or unintentional reasons.

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10) You Are Working For The Sake Of Working

At this modern time and age, working is more than just surviving and making ends meet. If you find yourself dragging to work just because you need to pay the bills and other necessities, sooner or later it will get worse and take a toll on your mental and physical health. Re-consider your future and determine what you really want by finding your passion (read: doing what you love). Besides, life is short to live with regrets when we grow older in the later stage.

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